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I2G kicked it once again with Roccett for a exclusive interview. We discuss his new project, America’s Nightmare, which was released earlier this month, his thoughts on the album and the state of the west coast and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here once again with Roccett how’s it going man?

What’s good homie?  Thanks for having me again.  All is well just grinding and trying to figure it out.

No problem, you to have you back. You have your new street album, America’s Nightmare, tell me a little bit about it.

America’s Nightmare is my new project with DJ DRAMA, DJ KAYSLAY, AND DJ ILL WILL.   I am proud of the project, really just wanted to give the people good music.  I got Rick Ross, Bun B, Trey Songz, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Dion Primo, Masspike Miles, Dae One, and others on the project.   I tried to put songs on there for everyone, show some growth as an artist.   The tape has been getting great reviews and the fan feedback has been positive so thats all that really matters.   Hopefully you put it up on the site and your readers can enjoy it and for all those that haven’t got it yet, you can pick it up at

Most def, we got that up on the site. How would you say this album is different from your other projects and what was the vibe like in the studio?

I think there is more diversity in this project.  I really tried to make a song for all people, something for the pure Roccett fans, something for the gangsters, the ladies, and so on.   I took my time with this project and tried to at least match my project before this one which was The Free Agent with DJ DRAMA.  The vibe for my sessions is always lets make good music, I let the beat talk to me and then I talk to the beat.

The cover is ill with the Nightmare On Elm Street feel. How did you come up with the concept for it?

Really it was themed on dropping the project on Halloween, I feel like I am America’s Nightmare, the industry fears me, scared of me, scared of my success and me getting all the way on.   Felt that Nightmare on Elm street cover, so we came up with our own rendition.

How did the song Grindin All Night come together with Rick Ross and Bun B?

Ross sent me that record, I did not know OG Bun was gonna be on it at first.  We all did our thing on the record and it turned out dope.  Its a honor to have Ross and Bun on a record because they both make good music and respect the art and craft of music.  Shout to Rosay and Bun B.

My favorite song has to be Be Afraid with Glasses Malone and Jay Rock. What was it like recording that heatrock?

That record is mean.  When I heard the beat i heard both of their voices on it, so I sent them the record and they knocked it out.  Actually, Jay came thru the studio and recorded his verse.  That record is for the west coast, we all speaking on how we feel and how the game is afraid of us and treating the west coast artists.   It’s a real street record and been getting love on the west coast.

Yeah that is definitely one of the best tracks to drop on the west coast this year. Do you have any singles or videos set to drop from the project?

We have Grindin All Night which we will hopefully shoot the video too soon.  The record with me and Trey Songz will be a single, the record with Masspike Miles, Turnt Up Music, I will hopefully shoot visuals to all the records.   Single or not.  The advantage of being independent is we can do what we want and create opportunities are own way.  We  working on Get Your Green Up films so you will see a lot more visuals real soon….

What’s next now for Roccett? You working on a album or anything that is set to drop after this?

I am constantly in the studio so I am constantly working on projects, constantly making music.  I am dropping International Nightmare with some DJ’s from across the globe soon, I will probably drop a project around Valentines Day and All Star Weekend.  Just working.  I wanna keep putting out music so my fans can have new music and I can gain new fans.

What are your thoughts right now on west coast hip hop?

I think there is talent but the game so messed up and the labels really dont have faith in the west coast or what they label west coast music.  Hopefully Dre drops Detox and we get the light and run with it.   All I can do is keep making music and expanding my network.  The west coast needs to support the west coast, we need more outlets, opportunities, radio support, etc…

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

I have a show this friday in Hollywood, just got bacc from Atlanta, a show in Florida in the next few weeks.   Wherever there is opportunity I will be there.  Any promoters wanna book me get at me and lets make it happen.

What is your website information?

Official Roccett Blog:

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Official Roccett Website: http://ROCCETT

Appreciate your time. Any last words before I let you go?

Thanks for having me, I appreciate the support.   You can get my catalog at, shout to entire TEAM ROCCETT AND Get Your Green Up.

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