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I2G kicked it with Vacant Lot artist Meeno for a exclusive interview. We dicuss his upcoming street album, Dope Boy Classics and his single, I’m So Harlem, his time in the group Harlem World, the state of hip hop in Harlem and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with Meeno how’s it going?

I’m good, what’s going on?

Not too much. You currently have a new single out, entitled I’m So Harlem. Tell me a little bit about the track.

Well that is going to be the first joint off of my new street album, Dope Boy Classics. It is a re introduction to the people about me man. Lyrically me going in, 3 minutes of that good energy, that upbeat, and that production from Grease. It is real crazy.

How did the deal come together with you and Vacant Lot and Dame Grease?

Me and Grease grew up in the same hood, he from 129th and Lenox and I am from 128th. We always knew each other from when we were young, since 8 years old. Musically we came together about 15 years ago, we were in a group together called NIB. He was the producer and he rapped a little bit, and we just carried the torch till then. We here alot of years later still doing it, on that major scale now.

Is there any other details that you can give about your street album, Dope Boy Classics?

I am really going off the vibe of the people and what they are feeling. I am hoping May, and I hope with these new leaks I am putting out that if the response are good, we might push the date up. Features we got Cardan on there, Grease, Bigga Threat, Max B, all my Lot Family, French is going to be on that, it’s gonna be real big. I hope the streets really are going to take heed on this one.

You were in the group Harlem World years ago. Just tell me some good experiences or memories that you had in being in that group.

Harlem World was a great experience for me. First of all, it was my first contractual introduction into the music business, which was great, I learned alot. It taught me how to grind, because back then we had a 72 day promo tour and the album actually went gold, as far as album sales and Billboard is concerned. That is a great thing and that is under my belt, I learned alot and I got that direct pipeline from Diddy to Mase, which taught me my fundamentals on music. I take it as a blessing man, definitely.

Do you still keep in contact with everyone in the group?

Yeah because most of the member are from Harlem. We knew each other outside of the group, as artists and in the streets. Mase I spoke to him about 2 months ago and he was actually supposed to get on the I’m So Harlem joint, but it did not happen. But all of us are in touch, we keep that common base.

What are your thoughts right now on the hip hop scene in Harlem?

Right now in Harlem there is a little resurgence. The younger dudes they have alot of energy going on and I am loving they movement. As far as me, what I am bringing, I am bringing that authentic Harlem energy that is needed. LYRICS is one of my things that I am pressing on hard and that content of the music. Not just a song to make a song, because I like people to FEEL where I am coming from.

I feel alot of rappers, and not just ones from Harlem, are rapping from their brain. They just brain artists, me I am a heart artist, so everything that I say, I am going to be felt. I don’t have to do anything extra, I don’t have to go for overkill because it is authentic. That is what my crew and myself are bringing, that authentic rap and I think it is really needed.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Not as of yet, but my twitter page is Any songs or features that you want to get at me about, hit me on my gmail, We ready, I am open to work and I want people to feel me for my good music.

Well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

I want to shout out yall, Illuminati 2G, that is how we doing it. We bringing it real in 2010, Lot Block, Wave Gang, Gang Green. Shout out to the homie Max B for starting the wave, hitting my boy Dame Grease and we are going to continue to build on that.

Appreciate the interview.

I appreciate you.

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