Quintes “Que” Austin “Can’t Keep Running Away”

16 year-old Quintes “Que” Austin is from one the most gang-infested projects in Milwaukee. The label he records for is 3D Entertainment/Tonestruck Records, headed by Lee Ford, KB Barrell and Devon Dent.

The artist and song were featured on www.eurweb.com  four days ago and since then, Senator Lena C. Taylor from Wisconsin heard the song and the Lyrics simply blew her away and now her office is at the forefront championing this effort to bring awareness to what he has recorded to everyone across the country.

“Can’t Keep Running Away”


Also, today Ebony Magazine and Jet Magazine have joined in to promote this song and artist via their publications as well. Ebony Magazine is featuring the song on their new Ebony iPad being readied for release immediately.
The song is also available on iTunes!

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