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I2G kicked it with one of the west coast’s elite on the mic and has been for years, WC for a interview. We discuss in depth his new album, Revenge Of The Barracuda, what’s up next for Big Swang Records, his solo catalogue, Westside Connection and much more so check it out. West Up!!!

Illuminati 2G is here with WC how’s it going?

What’s up with it playa?

Not too much. On March 8th you have your new album dropping entitled Revenge Of The Barracuda. Tell me a little bit about the album.

My new album is coming out on Big Swang/E1 and the name Revenge Of The Barracuda means a return back to the hardcore. Alot of people ask me why did I name the album that and that is why, it’s a street record that I did and it symbolizes the times or the era that we are in right now.

As far as what you would hear on the radio, it is anti that, it’s straight street. The reason why I did it is because I felt like the game was becoming too congested and alot of records were starting to sound the same and nobody was willing to go against the grain. I just wanted to take it there with this album right here.

How would you say this album is different from your last album, Guilty By Affiliation as far as the sound and feel of the album? That album was very street as well.

First of all it is a album that is coming out on my label and that damn near right there is the whole vibe. It was a presence that was felt in the process of making the record. It is not a record that is coming out on Def Jam Records, it’s not a record that Ice Cube helped me with hands on from beginning to the end.

Guilty By Affiliation, Cube was with us all the way on that album right there. On the new album it was all me and he (Cube) even told me, this is on you, time to bring up your label and he supports me and it is still Lench Mob for life. I will always be a artist on Lench Mob, but this record right here is one I did to brand my label as well as a businessman.

Because I don’t want to just be a artist for the rest of my life, I want to run a label and sign artists and do different business deals such as film companies, soundtracks, and things like that. The only way I am going to be able to do that is and make a mark is to go out and brand my brand so that is where we are at with it right now.

Do you have any other videos set to drop from the album?

Aww Yeah! We got a few videos that we are working on, putting the treatments together right now. We are doing a video for Sticking To The Script, which people heard on the EP, and I am doing a video for the joint where I sampled Eazy E. I am also doing a video for the song Walking In My Taylors.

So what’s next from the label after your album drops? I know you have mentioned Maylay and The Trapp was with you for a while and they have been a little quiet since they dropped their street album.

Right now to keep it 100, besides my album, me and DJ Crazy Toones are going to put out another CT Experience mixtape with visuals. I feel like we were on to something years back with that and we have not seen anyone come out with anything similar or that could match it. Me and Toones are going all in on that one and we are working on that right now as well as I have a film entitled Hood On Wheels.

Don’t let the title fool you, but it is a real in depth film about cats coming up in the inner city and alot of the shit that they deal with and face. It sounds like when you hear the title Hood On Wheels you think you might know what it is about off of that but you don’t though. That is coming out through Big Swang so I got my hands in quite a few things right now.

I just wanted to go over with you real quick your solo albums and ask you a favorite moment that you have from it or favorite track from the album. First one is the Shadiest One.

I tell everyone when it comes to that album, real shit I will be real with you, I can’t really say what is my favorite from that album. That album meant so much to me because that album I put my own money up from beginning to end and I only had a certain amount of time to finish that album, and it went it there and I did it. Every record on there meant something to me special, every record. I do remember one that was a big success for me and I did have alot of fun with called Worldwide Gunnin.

My favorite track I would have to say is the title track with you and CJ Mac, you guys went in on that. That was storytelling at its finest right there.

Aww yeah check you out, what you know about that shit? (Laughs)

(Laughs). Next one is Ghetto Heisman

I would probably have to say Something To Live For. I was something that came from the left that cats was not really ready for. I was talking about having a daughter and being in the game and making alot of money and I did not give a fuck about anything. I thought at one time all I had to live for was materialistic items.

I finally realized how precious life was to me and I did not realize it until someone came and touched someone that I loved.

It was a shame with that album it did not get its just due, especially with The Streets. That is a top 10 west coast anthem of all time for me.

Much love and I am sure you know the reason why though.


People will come out and say well you released the album and it did not sell. That is not what happened with that record, and we had the number one single in the country at the time, The Streets and we had a incredible video directed by Chris Robinson.

He had the Ghetto Olympics theme and we shot it at the LA Colisieum. The only thing that fucked us over and alot of people don’t know was when it came time for that record to get pressed, it was alot of records, we will not say how many because it’s too many to name, but it was alot of records that got pressed up scratched.

Yeah I had one of those copies.

Alot of the record stores was like man I can’t sell this album like this. So before the album came out, we had one street date for the album and it got pulled back and switched to another street date. When it got switched, it felt like there was no reinforcement on it. It was crazy, I have never in my life seen no shit like that but it’s all good though because that right there was a eye opener and was motivation for me to take my career into my own hands as opposed to letting someone else dictate or run things for me.

Next album is Guilty By Affiliation.

I like that album from beginning to end because me and Cube was in here banging tracks out. I think one of my hardest records on there was Addicted To It and West Coast Voodoo, Gang Injunctions.

I liked Paranoid, you had some crazy lines on that.

Paranoid was knocking too. What was your favorite line on Paranoid?

Man there were so many but:

Packin’ the heat, now back in these streets

Allow me to touch on y’all like a Catholic priest

Westside gritty hood nigga, kickin’ mud on the glitter pants

on all you Pretty Ricky lookin’ niggaz

(Laughs) You stupid. My bad I am calling you stupid but you a fool for that.

That and the Fantasia line at the beginning. Like Fantasia without no makeup on the mic I am a ugly ass sight. That was cold blooded.

Aww yeah and let me say to all the people that was saying man why you go in on Fantasia like that. She is a success story of someone came from the hood and made something of themselves. But I was looking one day at the TV and then caught her without her makeup on.


I was like Whooo! I just took it to describe where I was at with it at the time, but there is no love lost though.

What about the new album Revenge Of The Barracuda?

Walkin In My Taylors, D-Boy, oh my God I got a song called D-Boy and anyone out there that knows WC knows that I am the braggadoucious kind and if I take you on a journey, best believe I am gonna take you on one. On the song a nigga is pretty much…, I start off broke, similar to that KRS-One song Love Gonna Getcha.

I start off the record broke and I got me a sack and me and my crew is doing it big and it all goes bad. The D stands for dope, it’s crazy and it is a good record. That is one of my favorite records of all time.

Have you and Cube ever thought about maybe getting together and maybe doing a duo album?

We talked about it, but at the same time we know that is close to being a Westside Connection album. It has to be something special as opposed to me and Cube just doing a album together, it has to be something special. What I would do in a situation like that is turn around and ask the fans, besides just Dub and Cube rapping, what would you want to hear?

Would you want to hear us get political, you want to hear some street shit, would you want to hear a hip hop oriented album? What kind of album would you be looking for in todays time? That is not a Westside Connection record. Do you have the answer?

I don’t have the answer. I am still waiting on the reunion with Mack 10, Ice Cube and WC.

EXACTLY, the whole shebang. I know everyone is out there doing they own thing but that whole Westside Connection situation, I am not going to say the door is shut on it, and I will keep it real with you in this interview, the door is not shut on that at all, you never know, but right now I don’t see it happening.

I remember the track Get Used To It came out with you, Game and Ice Cube on Raw Footage and there was even rumors of Game joining Westside Connection. I think those 3 in a group would be a incredible album, just name the group something else. There is no Westside Connection without Mack 10. Have you guys ever talked about that?

You know…, shit I ain’t mad at you. I feel the same way but you can’t dictate other peoples schedules, Cube is a busy man and Game is a individual that does Game. He has alot of shit booked up as well. I am always trying to make some different shit happen so I don’t know exactly what is going on with their scheduling.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Yeah you can currently catch me on tour with Cube doing some of my new songs on my set. We going out on February 23rd and we will be coming back April 3rd. I got a song on March 8th, the day my album comes out and then I will be coming to a hood near you. Go grab that album March 8th, Revenge of the Barracuda. I mean I know it is a album that people are going to fuck with. It’s been a while and we just going against the grain here.

Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Nah no last shoutouts other than shoutout to the WC fans that have been down from day one, and everyone that supports your operation. Everyone that is sick of that watered down bullshit and want a refreshing breath of air, fuck with me.

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