Final Tracklist/More Info On Knoc-Turn’al’s Knoc’sVille Album

Many of you that frequent the site will remember the album release party put together by I2G and All Things Elegant in January for Knoc-Turn’al’s Knoc’sVille album. The party was a major success and helped kick start tour dates and the like for Knoc to help promote his album. Well after a couple delays, Knoc’sVille is set to be released digitally in May. Treacherous/Hoopla Media Group/Universal/LRT decided to abandon physical release for digital so that they can release faster and his next studio album, “The Book of Knoc” will drop sooner now with both physical and digital distribution. Below is the final tracklist and more information about the album and The Book Of Knoc.

Final tracklist:
1. Knoc’s Ville (feat. One-2) (Prod. J-Beam)
2. Where Have You Been (Prod. MG)
3. Amen (Prod. 51-50)
4. Mind Yourself (Prod. Komplex) (Scratches: DJ Wizard)
5. Half Way Loved You (feat. Knawledg) (Prod. Deztined AKA Dez)
6. Theme Music (Prod. Blaqthoven)
7. Gangsta Lean (Prod. DJ AK)
8. Sorry I Left You (Prod. Komplex)
9. Drop That Lame (feat. Jaguar) (Prod. Komplex)
10. I’ve Been Here for Years (feat. Crooked I & James Elizabeth) (Prod. Big Hollis)
11. OOOOO-WEEEEE (Prod. Komplex)
12. Can We Do Our Thing (Prod. Komplex)
13. Let Go (additional vocals: Jaguar) (Prod. MG)
14. I’m Sorry I Left You (Remix) (feat. Jayo Felony, Yukmouth & Sly Boogy) (Prod. Komplex)
15. I’m Back (feat. One-2) (Prod. Komplex)
I2G will have a lot of promo including multiple non-album leaks in the coming weeks and video release for “I’VE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS” featuring CROOKED I & JAMES ELIZABETH, which we premiered behind the scenes footage of the video shoot.
The first music video for “Book Of Knoc” will be shot coming up in Long Beach, California. As always keep it locked here at I2G for all this Knoc-Turn’al.

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