Sam Scarfo Interview

I2G kicked it with Sam Scarfo for a exclusive interview. We discuss his days signed to Def Jam, his current projects and work now that he is independent, his work with Mobb Deep and Conair and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with Sam Scarfo how’s it going?

I’m chillin man, grinding, working on this project.

For those unfamiliar with your music, tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and who are some of your musical influences out there.

My musical influences I would have to say are 2pac and Biggie, Jay-Z. That whole era.., oh and Mobb Deep too.., that whole era was for me the most influential. When Pac was doing his thing in the early and mid 90’s, that was when the hip hop bug bit me.

I started out like probably every other New York rapper, battling anyone on the corner or anyone I could find. One day I had made some records and I ended up getting a chance meeting with Jay-Z. He ended up giving me my first deal and the rest is from there.

You mentioned the deal with Jay-Z and Def Jam. Now being a couple of years removed from that deal, what is the biggest lesson that you learned from being on Def Jam?

I learned that no matter if you are signed to a big machine, you still have to be in the machine within the machine. Even though I had my own deal, like I was not signed to a label distributed through Def Jam, I think a couple years ago I was not really ready for that.

I had the opportunity but now looking back I was not ready. I was a young kid, fresh home from jail and I was not really ready to be on the business side of things at that time. The music was never compromised so as long as the music stays good then I am in a great space.

That leads perfectly into my next question. What new projects are you currently working on that are set to drop in 2011?

I am working right now on a project entitled The Package. It has production from alot of my in house producers like my man Cliff Smoke, I got my man Fred Wreck on there, Mobb Deep, waiting on a verse from Killer Mike, 40 Glocc on there.

It is going to be a real big comeback joint for me. Brick Squad

What ever happened to the group Conair that you had a couple years back?

Actually most of the members of Conair are in jail right now. That was one of the things that slowed up our Def Jam deal was prior to the deal alot of us were unfortunately still in the streets. The indictments are not going to stop just because you have a record deal, so when they came down, they raided and closed my studio and since then I have been fortunate enough to not be involved in the streets like that anymore.

We are in talks of doing a reunion album with the members that are out in the streets. It is going to be called Ciroc & Cranberry, it’s gonna be crazy.

What is your thoughts on the state of hip hop in New York?

I just think that New York used to be a trend setting place. I from New York but I am also from New Jersey as well. I was born in New York but I lived in New Jersey for quite a few years. New York and same with Los Angeles, it used to be large markets but now the south has taken over and no hating, I love music from the south.

Since then New York has become followers and everyone seems to be following the trend. DJs don’t break new records anymore, they play whatever region is hot right now and I think that is the biggest thing wrong with the state of New York hip hop and really the whole of hip hop.

Since Prodigy has been freed from jail have you done any new tracks with him and Havoc?

Yeah we have a song that we are working on right now.., you know what I am not going to reveal the title right now but yeah we working. They are helping me put the final touches on my project. We just had a show at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles so when we get back together it is like a basketball team. We get right back in our rhythm and we are right back going.

Do you have any other upcoming shows or tour dates?

I have not planned any tours or shows yet because my project is not finished yet.

What is your website information?

We have Gorilla Music too a website for it but it is under construction right now.

Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Appreciate you bro and I definitely got to hit you up in Vegas when I am out there.

Definitely we can make that happen.

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