DJ Whut It Dew Interview

I2G kicked it with DJ Whut It Dew for a exclusive interview. We discuss his heavy influence into Djing by the legend DJ Screw, his record label and artists he is working with and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with DJ Whut It Dew how’s it going?

Aww man it’s going good. I’m blessed to able to wake up every day and dew the things that i love to dew.  How are things on your end?

Can’t complain. Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences out there.

Well I got started when I was 15. I would help my cousins out here and there when they would dj parties and what not. It wasn’t until 2006 that I officially decided to get serious about it. It was a friend of mine by the name of Billy T that helped me to realize this dream. My main influence into this craft is the legendary Dj Screw (RIP).

Growing up listening to the influence he had on an entire city motivated me to want to help indie artist reach that same level of success. Whenever you hear someone talk about Dj Screw they always say how humble he was or how loving he was. I wanted to follow that example and be the same way.

How did you come up with the name?

One day while me and my friend Billy were at work. He walked in and hit me with a Whut It Dew, and I was like man Whut It Dew. Then I thought to myself hmmm that would be a clever dj name because people always say that these days. He told me not to use that. I guess we know who won that battle.

What current projects can the people see you working on or hosting in the near future?

Well I’ve already completed a few projects for artist that will be dropping at later dates, I’m currently working on a few things for different indie artist like : Rell Dawg (MS), So Real (TX), Billionaire Bux (NY), Dragnet (TX), B-Eazy The Price & Payroll (WI), Big Shane (LA), King James (AR) and of course all of my artist. I’m also dewing projects with a few fellow djs.

Tell me a little bit about your artists T. Gunz, G-NI and 2K Tha Murdaman and what upcoming projects do they have coming out?

T. Gunz is from North Carolina, Ive know him since I started in 06. That man can really spit and he can change it up. Any direction you need him to go he can dew it. Very versatile artist. G-Ni ive know since 07 and he is another versatile artist, rapper/singer/producer. Once again if you need it he can get it done. Has a very unique sound. 2k Tha Murdaman is from Memphis, I met him in 08. This guy right here, I have never seen an artist work as hard or as fast as this guy. I’ve seen people send him feats and before they can get up and go get something to eat, he’s already finishing up the mastering on his verse and sending it back. He’s another artist that can get it done rapping. Spits from the heart and can change it up and be very versatile as well. Now I recently added another artist to the team by the name of So Real. He hails from Dallas, TX. That guy can also get it done on the mic. His voice will catch your ears quick. Be on the lookout for all of these guys. I don’t dew this for me. I Dew this for them.

What are your thoughts right now on the state of hip hop?

Man I see the game slowly going back to that real music. Yes the club stuff is still there but with the signing of some of these new artist I see the trend slowing changing again. Only time will tell though. Can these new artist bring it back. Well that’s for the people to decide.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Not at the moment no. I’m more focused on Radio and mix tapes. Due to my job I can’t travel like i want to. But once my contract is complete I shall be on the move.

What is your website information? you have find out everything going on about the team there, or on

Appreciate your time, any last words before I let you go?

Thank you for giving me the chance to speak. Shout out to T. Gunz, GNI, 2K Tha Murdaman, So Real, and a very special shout out to Miss Celebrity Mound herself. She’s been a blessing to the team and with her I foresee us taking this to the next level. Make sure everyone checks me out on every Monday 3-6pm EST wit my homie Dj Da Cick 1 and Every Thursday 8pm For my Step Ya Greed Up Radio Show. Thanks again for the opportunity. I truly appreciate it.

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