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I2G kicked it once again with Juice for a exclusive interview. We discuss the status of American Me II, his debut album, working with Game and much more so check it out.

You dropped American Me II The Progression a couple months ago. How has the response been for the street album?

The Response Has Been insane. People Are Starting To classify me as one of the new artist to watch for. That project showed I can stand on my own outside of Game’s shadow.

When is disc 2 going to drop from the project and how is it different from the first one?

Actually we are gonna go straight to American Me 3, which drops in July, because I am tightening up my debut album, The Commitment, which will shortly follow. American Me 3 is a little more personal then American Me 2, I speak a lil more in depth on situations pertaining to my career as well as being a father, friend, business man and a artist.

Ok that’s cool. Do you have any singles picked yet from the American Me 3 project or videos planned for it?

Actually we are in the process of shooting and picking the first leak from the project right now.

Ok that is great news to hear. It has been a minute since you and Game have appeared on a track together. Any plans of you two getting back in the studio to do a track together? I think a duo project from you guys is well overdue.

See that is a touchy situation. I am holding my collaboration with Game for my album. Early on I was always compared to him so I wanted to create my own indenity so that is why he was not on my previous projects but he will be on my album. Being introduced into this industry by somone of his stature is great and helpful but it can also be a curse if you don’t solidify who you are as a artist and I feel that I have done that.

Absolutely. I was glad to see a track surface a while back entitled Do Right By Me with you and Hannibal Leq. I remember hearing you speak on the group The Counsel in our first interview and is there any chance you, Leq and P Thoro will work on anything in the near future?

Yeah I’m sure we will, but right now my focus is on getting my album in order and my label The Evans Administration. After I drop American Me 3 and The Commitment, I will be following up wiht a TEA mixtape that will showcase my artists that I am helping brand at the moment. The first group I will be introducing is a group called The Kennedys.

Ok that is good to hear you guys are still cool. I wanted to ask you about 2 of my 3 personal favorite tracks from you. Classic, which appeared on American Me and the song New West that you did with Balance, Crooked I and XO. What are some good memories you have from those records?

Classic is one of my favorites too, that record is just how I felt but me and my music. I feel in time the world will appreciate the gift I possess  and I feel I will be 1 of the few remembered as an artist who made wholesome classic music.

It’s crazy cause the new west was a record that just happened out of no where , I was in Los Angeles visiting Crooked I talking business about a feature¬†and he was already in the studio wit Balance doing the record for his album, when I walked in balance was such a real dude and really fucked wit my tapes he ask me to be on it , so the henny start flowing , and cameras started rolling then boom, we created a solid record.

Yeah those 2 tracks and Rollin are classic records from you, pun intended lol. What are your thoughts right now on Arizona hip hop and west coast hip hop in general in 2011?

For my city, Phoenix, Arizona, I love my city, but we have to really work hard and create a high level of music. We are in a state that not only does not have the full support from the west, but even the full support of Arizona for hip hop. So we really have to come togethr not just as artists but bloggers, promoters, radio, etc and all continue to put a positive effort forward. That goes for the west coast as a whole as well, but once Phoenix and Arizona as a whole do that, our city and state will be with the likes of a L.A., NY, Miami, Houston, etc.

I agree coming from next door in Las Vegas we have the same issues but alot of talent. The west is more then just California as I always tell people. Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Yeah I kick off The Progression tour July 3rd in Virginia, then head to Germany for 2 weeks after that. Just staying 10 toes down and handling my business. I just came back from Las Vegas where I made a cameo in Mr. Finley’s video featuring Yelawolf.

Nice! Yeah we will have to link up once I am back in Phoenix or when you come back to Vegas again. Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Yeah if you don’t have American Me 1 or 2 make sure you go to www.datpiff.com and download it. Also shout out to everyone pushing and supporting me, and make sure you follow me on Twitter @Iamjuice and Facebook JuiceMccain.

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