2K Tha Murdamann Interview

I2G kicked it with 2K Tha Murdamann for a exclusive interview. We discuss his start in hip hop, his catalog of mixtapes and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with 2K Tha Murdaman, how’s it going?

Everything is Fine!!! Cant Complain at All!!!!

How did you get your start in music and who are some of your musical influences?

I got my start in music way back when I was in the 3rd Grade! I always was into to singing and playing instruments. I started on the Clarinet in fifth grade and Mastered it by the 7th! It came to me easy! I was selected for All West Tennessee and All State Chorus and Band throughout my Middle School and High School yrs. I went from the clarinet to learning all woodwinds then like my sophmore year I started jumping to low brass. My first Bras intrument was the Baritone and by my Senior year I was playing Tuba! Can you believe that Before I got deep into rap I wanted to direct an Orchestra???

I remember back in ’99 saying:”this summer I wanna ride around hearing myself coming through my speakers” Believe it or Not it Happened!!! I met a guy named Keveon Shaw who taught me how to Construct 16 bars and how to freestyle! Every since he put that Battery in my Back I been running strong with every since. No Matter Where I Am In The World!!!

When I was growing up I was Heavily influenced by 8 Ball and MJG!!!

Now a days I don’t jam the radio or listen to cds because I want to remain original. I don’t want to adapt no one’s style! The only time I may listen to those things are strictly on a Road Trip!!!

For someone new to your music, how would you best describe your style?

Aggressive, Energetic, Soulful, and the Direct Truth

What is up next from you in the near future?

Well as of 2011 I have 8 tapes out so far in the 1st Quarter (The Lost Files Vol.1, Golden Grapes and Miniature Giraffes, Full Metal jacket, The Return of Bruce Banner, Full Metal Jacket (chopped and screwed), D3C0D3D, D3C0D3D (chopped  and screwed), and C.A.S.H. [creatin all southern hitz])

Up next is Guerrilla Zone!!!! I’m workin my ass off!!! I cant even count how many other artists mixtapes im featured on to include in that stack of work!!! I’m just tryna accomplish the Goal I’ve set for myself and my Peers!!!

Do you have any upcoming videos or singles?

I haven’t recorded a video since late 2010 when I was living in Maryland. I stay in Hawaii now, so im just getting adapted to this place and trying to find people I can trust  to befriend. I have plenty songs and a few visuals on youtube though. Just search 2K tha Murdaman!!!

What are your thoughts on the music industry in 2011?

I don’t really believe in talkin down on Artist but……. I think people forgot why we are into Hip Hop! I don’t think people are as passionate about it anymore! People are allowing the Devil to cloud their minds over a Dollar Bill!!!

I love Hip Hop! I think there is a lot more to spit about Substance wise on a record than portray that life is just a big party and mothafuckas is rich when they know they arent! I believe Hip Hop artist should remain true to themselves and tell the world their personal Story!!! With that Being said, I’m just waiting on the right deal to hit the table so I can check a lot of these Bums!!! ATTN LABELS: STOP TRYIN TO OFFER ME A 360!!!  Save it for Those kids that don’t know their Worth or what Money Is!!!!!

That is some real talk right there. Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

No! Like I said I just moved to Hawaii so I’m basically smashing the streets establishing my name at the Moment!!!

Hawaii is very different from the rest of the USA. They kinda stick to their Culture here and the target audience for me is the Military personnel here! Hell, Lil Wayne couldn’t even sell out the Convention Center here!!! Real Talk!!!

What is your website information?

www.twitter.com/2KthaMurdaman www.djwhutitdew.com www.facebook.com/2KthaMurdaman www.myspace.com/2kmrmurdaman

Appreciate your time. Any last words before I let you go?

No Prob im always down to chop it up! Feel free to get at me anytime.

If ur interested in a feature, hook, drop, or booking holla at @celebritymound or call the Office 201-870-8242  and we’ll make it happen!!!

Oh  stop by www.southernentawards.com and Nominate me (2K tha Murdaman) for Artist o the Yr (all genres and Slept On Artist of the Yr!!! Also Nominate Dj Whut It Dew for Independent DJ of the Yr and Chopped and Screwed DJ of the Yr and Nominate Celebrity Mound for Internet Hustler of the Yr!!!

Thanks for the Opportunity to Chat!


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