Review: Guerrilla Republik presents “Love & Sacrifice Volume 1″

Guerrilla Republik presents “Love & Sacrifice Volume 1”


24 songs on Volume 1 to carry you through hardship. Music from the heart. Music that thaws your frozen heart. That makes you cry tears of joy, in a divine love for struggle because you know no other option. Music while you clutch your loved ones and shake in disgust & heartbreak. Music to celebrate small battles won while the war festers on. Music to celebrate morning sunshine, to celebrate the laughter of an innocent child. They told me our babies will carry on our traditions past these “end times” so each one teach one. Our movement is deep in the earth like a tree with roots on many continents. Unified through hip hop & unified through Guerrilla Republik. This is really heavy. I love gangster street rap for the adrenalin and beats but hate the negative evil so prevalent in some of that music. This collection embodies that raw energy, but with a tangible statement of righteousness. This collection got me fired up, stimulated my mind, got me rocking and brought tears to my eyes. I’m dead serious and so are these times. Me and Dmarc of were talking recently and he mentioned that he missed that raw hip hop that spoke to him in a conscious message filled way that groups like Public Enemy & Paris did. Well here you go…..


Some of the featured artists include Professor Griff & Precise Science, Abundance Child,Sa-Roc, Explosión Suprema,Intikana, La Real,Nene Ali, Bud-EZ,Lafayette and L.A.E, Capital X, Jehuniko, Madd Illz, Clan Destined Featuring Methuzulah, Lah Tere and many more. Don’t deprive yourself, feed a cold….heart.


Go to to download of this collection of gems.


–          @Jehuniko1

Repping that Dead Silence, Guerrilla Republik, Dream Catcher Music.


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