South Africa’s Mr.Sakitumi “Secret Asian Man” now available

Mr. Sakitumi - Secret Asian Man

The day has come!  ‘Secret Asian Man’ is now available and is the debut release of Cape Town’s over-talented instrumentalist and I2G brother Mr.Sakitumi. Click here to go to the product page where you can listen to all the tracks and get the album! We’ve been letting you guys know about Mr.Sakitumi over the last few months. If you haven’t got the news yet, here’s a short intro to the Secret Asian Man:

Mr.Sakitumi is an innovative, multi-instrumental musical phenomenon the likes of which are few and far between in the world of electronic music. From the studio to the stage, he’s mastered his vast array of physical and virtual tools to produce his first solo album ‘Secret Asian Man’.


This comes after being a member of influential South African acts Max NormalLarkand Closet Snare, and regularly performing with the likes of TebaEJ von Lyrik,GoldfishFreshly Ground, Gazelle and many more. “These are some songs I made in my bedroom. I hope you like them”, so begins the irresistable groove which is the man’s live, solo stage performance. He gets to triggering live fx devices, playing the double bass, drums, guitar and whatever else may so happen to be on stage at the time in the spirit of his second nature. Mr. Sakitumi’s ‘Secret Asian Man’ is.. real music.

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