Guerilla Republik- Love & Sacrifice Volume 2

Guerrilla Republik presents “Love & Sacrifice Volume 2”


33 songs to go carry you through hardship. Music from the heart. Music that thaws your frozen heart. That makes you cry tears of joy, in a divine love for struggle because you know no other option. Music while you clutch your loved ones and shake in disgust & heartbreak. Music to celebrate small battles won while the war festers on. Music to celebrate morning sunshine, to celebrate the laughter of an innocent child. They told me our babies will carry on our traditions so each one teach one. Our movement is deep in the earth like a tree with roots on many continents. Unified through hip hop, unified through Guerrilla Republik. This is really heavy. I love gangster street rap for the adrenalin and beats but hate the negative evil so prevalent in that music. This collection embodies that energy, with a tangible statement of righteousness. This collection got me fired up, stimulated my mind, got me rocking and brought tears to my eyes. I’m dead serious and so are these times. – @Jehuniko1

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Sargonites –  That hook, just killing em! I heard about their live shows being sick from my contact out in the East but jeeeeeeez! Sick piano, verses filled with on point lyricism and that hook. Also, I understand their roots in this struggle run deep in the family so do yourself a favor and take a listen. Produced by Twilight Pro.

Zayd Malik featuring an unknown female MC who smash on a dope heart felt beat. Sounds like this is the RBG / dead prez crew members. the message and the smooth delivery. Verses contain confessions of dealing with struggle, family quotes from his father and realities


Black Widoe featuring Sunhachi Nirokusun – Wow. Speechless. Ummmmmmm, sick beat, a haunting voice of a woman through out the song. Is the song to listen on your death bed while celebrating a lifetime of putting it down in the struggle or the soundtrack to fight against injustice. Yeah, this is that song. VERY, very well put together. Produced by Dr. Robotnix. Listened to this song so many times, I could keep writing.


ATMA – Cool vibey beat, sample of Guru, so you know it’s a winner. A lot of imagery delivered in this song. Mad quotables, the kind you rewind and then research. Lyricism, “by definition.”


Sa-Roc – 70’s funk sounds, then the drummer let’s loose. Sharp, on-point delivery. “got a friend who lives in India on the bank of the Ganges, we be meditating with the Shamans from the Andes.” Produced by the Navigator Sol Mesiah.


Boog Brown – Pissed off story telling. There’s that one day when a song truly mainlines what your dealing with and this is 1 of those songs. Boog Brown goes hard. Cool samples, perfect story telling beat.


Soldier Karajo – Cool soul sample, which quickly changes into a ill, fire filled song. Sick delivery in Spanish, Soldier Karajo, goes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard! The hook is sick. This song gathers the gangsters, the heavy metal kids and warriors worldwide. Meaning, we are 1 with love & sacrifice.


Starhh – “Mother nature with a Molotov. “ Sick delivery, super on point delivery. Talk about spitting?!?! Yeah, this is sick. Driving beat matching Starhh’s perfect delivery. Starhh kills it, seriously.


Bliss – Such a dope swing on this beat. Funk guitar, with “killing my seeds steady bringing disease, if not physically then mentally.” Bliss coming with ill lyricism about her worldly observations. Mad information in this song. This song is like a book to listen to continually so all the facts sink into your fragile psyche. Produced by Dee Are & check out


Intikana featuring Navegante – Hardcore beat, powerful verses and THAT hook! A great mix of hard delivery & singing. This is an anthem, if I ever heard one. “the reality is that we are on stolen land.” Great, great song!


Son of Saturn featuring Luna – The piano bangs with a deep bass, and “you & me unity, moments of mutiny,etc..” Yet another heartfelt song on the GRep compilation with Luna on the hook saying “children let’s rise, we survive together, connect the energy, be 1 forever, build bricks with sand..” A prayer song, an ultimatum, a biography.

Ancient Astronauts feat. Orko Eloheim, produced by Fascist Beats – Umm, the beat is a BEAST! The kind of song where you rewind repeatedly to research the content. These cats spitting hard. Explosions, haunting female vocal samples, siren and other crazy sounds make this a cinematic production.


Republik Service Announcement – amazing music sample as they discuss slavery. “not one so-called incident that slaves volunteered for slavery”


Bud-Ez – featuring Lafeyette – Sounds like Iz speaking on the truth as the intro, then you hear the beat creep in. Soooo hard! Slowly creeping in, unique sounds, a building drum/explosion, then the Bud-Ez drop! Speaking on slavery, moving mountains, manifesting thoughts, a singing hook which sounds hella heartfelt.


Curly Castro feat. DJ Ambush – Anytime a beat like this drops, you feel your blood boil, your head bobbing, your fists clenching. Curly Castro spits with precision, on point with self-empowered street life narratives. This goes super hard! Kind of short, an ill sample at the end but I like this song a lot!


X-TC Ct.Smokie If Sypher Squad – Produced By Cashousclay Beatz – “All the Lonely People” from the Beatles as the intro & hook make for a cool beat & song. This song rides nice & the male/female MC’s ride it with a coolness.


James Wade – An ill intro, wow. Beat drops, super cinematic, live guitar in a rock vein. Live Drums? So hard! Who produced this? Hey, the lyrics are haunting! A non-Hollywood story he says? Did the character in the story have a serious loss? Leave town? Surviving a drive by? “Mom is in the hospital but she checked herself out. Her heart kept stopping long enough to declare her dead, but then she’d come back, pretty tough lady.” You hear a man spitting the raw truths of his reality. This is incredible.

Clan Destined featuring Stacie Epps – I hate to make comparisons but this keeps reoccurring. It’s like a Talib Kewli vibe, in the sense that it’s rocking, head nod music, but with a message.


Ka Ba’ – Wow. Smooth singing, ill vocals. Beat is so hypnotic. The personal is the political. Brother makes his poetic declaration of appreciation. “We have come so far” the singing says. Makes me think of a man & woman, walking hand in hand, in this struggle. With love as our most powerful weapon. Oh, and this sounds like he could be the most famous or talented vocalist you’ve ever heard. Yeah, quality.


Capital X – I love this song. “The Spic in Black?” Such a sick title. Come on, like a symphony behind him, electric guitar, with the crazy narrative? Is this music to cry tears of joy, celebrate an unending struggle because there is no other option? This is timeless music. This is mind fuel for the daily joys & struggles. A forest burnt down to the ground regerminates the soil I always say.


Pen Flow produced by Pen Flow – Life music. Spitting real life. An uplifting soundtrack. “I chose hip hop cuz the music really lives. I rep this way, I live this way.” Pen Flow takes you back to the essence.


Reyes del Bajo Mundo – Met them in LA long ago at a huge music conference, then recently in Guatemala. These guys have mad history and it makes me happy to know that these OG’s are still grinding and never stopped. Of course the song is banging. Scratching, dope rhymes, real spitting, political, and in Spanish. I can see them performing this in El Salvador or Guatemala, breakdancers on stage, all the while feeding us seeds of righteousness.


Republik Service Announcement – The riveting, hardcore messages and soundbites from classic films. Soundtrack for the revolution? Does a pitbull devour intruders? Struggle never stops and we never forget.

Kil Ripkin produced by the Exeptionist – Starts with an ill sample form Martin Luther King I think. The beat is so haunting. This is music to be listening to in the city on your grind. “Monetarily they attack.” This goes hard. “You gots to be strong, this ain’t for the faint of heart.”


Mr. Forge – You hear a fire in the vocal delivery equally as the beat lights it up. Street narratives and visual. Some call it gangster, I call it reality. The hook is catchy, almost sung.

Jehuniko produced by – I was listening to the beat and it just came to me. Similar to what I said about Ka Ba’. A man & a woman, hand in hand, with God in their heart, going at the murderers with all of their heart. When you have a moment to breathe deeply, that sacred moment to embrace one another. And never give up fighting as love is our most powerful and most sought after weapon.


Trust One produced by Mr. Modo – Like a countdown to the horror scene, this beat is mad cinematic. The lyrics and delivery is relayed with much urgency. Identifying enemies and conspiracies, these 2 express their dedication to fighting, being one with Mother Earth.

Flo Xpress featuring Precise Science – Psychodelic beat and flute. Very hypnotic. Pretty dope that they mention these “end times” are an opportunity to return back to the essence. Now back to this science of survival. Proof how music is a messenger, again & again. They propose some important statements & questions in regards to these challenging times.


Eternal of the Wu Tang Killa Beez produced by Matlock/Eternal – “When hell freezes over, the dark knight shall rise.” A hard beat, thugged out low bass, talk about music to ride to. “Stuck in a wasteland full of teenage zombies engaged in kama sutra with the German Nazis.”Smile now or die later no room for crying” Get into every thought, image as each one is a mini movie statement. Wow. Song for you to lick your wounds, freeze your heart and put in work.

YedidYah Ben Sion produced by Vint Mentalz – “Through the murky waters where babies are slaughtered.”  Lyricism like a daisy cutter bomb into a village of innocent humans. Lyricism that waters my eyes. Lyricism and accompanying soundtrack like that of a terminal cancer patient coming to terms with a fate of dieing for your cause. “Blood cypher with gunfire at the righteous.” “Keep my mind righteous with calistenics & tybo.” Incredible imagery, uplifting parallels. On repeat, repeat, repeat. This is that song.


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