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I knew Nibu through his radio show, that’s about it. He always mixed all of this incredible Indian music into Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Bhangra into one seamless vibe. I remember when we really, really chilled at an artshow and I learned that homeboy is really up on Hip Hop. Later, he casually mentioned that he produced records and I was given the opportunity to listen to some of his beats and I was blown away. That intoxicating vibe of say, Portishead. A World music uniqueness. And he will take your favorite MC’s acapellas and create very unique, but banging remixes. I have to say, Nibu has become over the last few months one of my favorite producers in the game for digging deep for sounds, ultimately creating a lane of his own. It is an honor to share with you, Nibu. – @Jehuniko1

Peace Nibu, I know you are a very knowledgeable person when it comes to music and you are a genuine hip hop head, what led you to begin producing?In college there was a group of kids from Onalaska TX i met ,who to this day i consider the greatest Djs i have ever,. They were into Hip hop, Electronic, Rock…you name it. and I am talking underground hiphop and electronic person in particular Chris T (operator of really showed me how to use a program called reason, At the time everyone else was using MPC’s or Keyboards and since both of those devices were just out of my financial range making beats with software just became easier for me to handle.Then In 2006 I was selected to be a part of Red Bull Music Academy in Houston and they supplied me with an official copy of Reason…I owe a great deal of gratitude to both these institutions for their willingness to help.

Who inspires you to produce?

There are alot of producers I would easily include into a list of influences. Quannums/Solesides Dj Shadow, Fizzy Womack, Dj U-neek, Stoupe of Jedi Mind Tricks, but I think Dj Quik is my all time favorite producer. If you look at his track record and the range of styles… Quik has made an impression on Hip Hop that no other producer can compare to.If you listen to the West Coast Funk of Safe + Sound to the production on 9 x outta 10 you can hear the progression personally most producers I love stay in one lane, and have one formula and never steer away from that.Its not a bad thing…for example with Premier you know what your going to get ..a dope sample chopped up with a beat. But I feel with Quik you can take his work and have a symphony play…its a true composition.

I consider your music, global hip hop. Describe your sound.

When I started under the Guccimonster moniker I would sample rare middle east and bollywood record and mix them with Southside Accapellas. So people like Bobby Friction and Nihal would play some of those remixes on BBC Asian network…There are alot of great producers out of India in the UK but they were all making Bhangra music…or taking american hiphop accapellas and layering Bhangra vocals and Dhol beats on top. I was trying to take it one step further…sample bollywood and add a southside beat and a westcoast groove. In Essence its everything I grew up listening to stirred together.

You landed the 1st single on Justice Allah’s new album, “Justice Served.” Tell me about that record.

Ive known Justice for a while just being at different spots around Houston and knowing mutual friends. I was always a fan of Krino and SPC not just because of the music but because they were real down to earth people. At the time and even now I dont think my production is at a level of some of the other guys in Houston because this city really has a lot of talent, so it was really a big suprise to not only get Justice on a beat but actually have it turn into a single/music video. The honor was definatly mine.

Aside from your production, you have a radio show. Tell us about your show.

In 2002/3 Dj Yogi G and Al triple of Mahabeatz and Deepi S started an urban south asian radio show on Kpft here in houston.  at the time I was just coming up to the station because of Matt Sonzala , Emcee Zin and Dj Chills infamous  Damage Control Radio show …Matt told me about the show but I wasnt really into South asian culture and I didnt grow up around it but I was a great promoter and decided to drop by the show. After talking to the guys , and seeing the show I just started helping get Cd’s at first…one thing led to another and it was like i was there all along. Generasian Radio is the first radio show in the states that plays SouthAsian/Ethnic hiphop and electronic music…its unique because we play everything from Irish Bhangra to Punjabi Rappers such as Deep Cold.

So I was in a taxi in Denmark, as the taxi driver plays punjabi rap. I called you from Denmark and asked have you heard of this Punjabi rapper and you said that you actually know him. I trip out on you, you know mad people all over the world, you get radio spins in the UK, yet your production is hella slept on. Was it the radio work first and then your production coming?

I started out on radio. In college I had a radio show and gradually shifted to Pacificas KPFT station in Houston. but i have worked with Glitch Hop  dj BASSNECTAR and produced a couple of tracks on the 1shanti’s album which was released on Rawkus. I dont think I am slept on because I dont really put myself out there as a producer, when the opportunity comes I listen to God.

What a profound statement from a incredible producer. Who are you feeling these days?

Hip Hop wise.. Tech N9ne and Z-ro…i listen to those guys over and over and over. When you listen to either of those guys, you can tell they are more than just rappers. They can do their own hooks, they have a range of emotions, and they have soul. Its really hard to find that in hip hop these days, and I really dont think the younger generation understand soul. If you’re 16 or 17 and you’re making money and touring , i applaud that. But you cant relate to my struggle or maybe any struggle. I’ve read magazines and blogs talk about their newest flavor of the month rapper-to me these people don’t last because they dont have soul. thats why we dont hear about asher roth, or kid sister or whoever. but you will always see a new tech n9ne or zro album…and i think its because those guys actually have something to say.

but I also listen to lots and lots of Armanni Reign, he’s a drumnbasss/dubstep/hiphop Mc I have religiously followed since the early 2000’s.I think alot of MC’s in electronic music including Grime are slept on because its too grimy to be accepted by a majority of the dance music crowd and its too electronic for the hiphop crowd. its a shame because guys like AR are taking it to the next level and i really feel its those guys who most represent what hiphop is. how is it any different than what Bambataa did with kraftwerk?

Last CD you bought?

Of course the newest Tech n9ne Album All 6’s and 7’s …if it comes from Strange Music I pretty much will get it no doubt. and the latest album from NO Resistance an Oi! Punk band signed to Koi Records…My tastes vary….

What’s next for you?

I am pretty much open to work with anybody who is serious. If you have put out a record, even if it was with your own money I am down to work with you. Ive got new tracks coming out with The 1shanti, an Mc from Alief Texas named Robert Gullatte, Jehuniko’s Project and tracks for French Reggae artist Lord J of Soul Iration. If you need production you can always hit me up at my myspace…, Facebook is!/northsideindian


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