Malcolm Maximillion Interview

I2G chilled with Malcolm Maximillion for a exclusive interview. We discuss his new single, The Mack Is Back, which we premiered on the site a couple days ago, his new album and so much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with Malcolm Maximillion, how’s it going?

It’s going pretty good. I’m alive and working. I have no complaints at the moment.

How did you get your start in music and who are some of your musical influences?

I got started in music in 1998. I used to mimic Eminem’s early stuff a lot and record into my older sister’s boom-box with my friend. I started producing in 9th grade so that was like 2003. That was pretty much out of necessity because I couldn’t get anyone to make beats for the group I was in at the time. I’m pretty much a go getter and since we didn’t have any I figured, I’d make em. I bought Music Generator and Music Generator 2 for the PS2 and played with those for a minute. I also got that Funk Master Flex game too. Those games couldn’t really help me get out my ideas so I went and bought a Boss SP505 and stuck with that until I was introduced to Reason. After using Reason for about 2 years, I bought a MPC 2000xl. Then just last year, I switched from a MPC 2000xl to Maschine, Reason, and Logic.

My musical influences are pretty much the influences of a child growing up in the 70’s. I love the Motown sound and just the soul sound in general. Curtis Mayfield and Issac Hayes are geniuses. Eddie Kendrick is one of the best falsetto singers to ever grace this planet. Thats the type of stuff that I listen to on a daily. Straight from the vinyl. I like Queen and System of A Down too. Far as rap goes, Ghostface Killah is my favorite rapper and The Wu-Tang Clan are the greatest thing to happen to rap music. I got love for other groups like Tribe, Slum Village, and Mobb Deep too.

Tell me a little bit about your new single, The Mack Is Back, featuring Uncle Russie.

The Mack Is Back is like my ode to hardcore hip hop. Kinda a bit of Onyx flavor in there. It reminds me a lot of “Excitement” from my previous project ‘Memoirs of Purgatory’. I made that beat in June. Soon as I made it I knew it was something special. I kept pacing my home studio rapping the hook. So long story short, I tucked the beat away in my special folder and didn’t touch it for like a month.  I finally recorded the song and sent it to my girl, Smokin’ Jelli. She told me she liked it. I still didn’t think too much of it. Then I played it for Uncle Russie, he went crazy and asked to be apart of it. I let him bless me with an outré. Sent it to Smokin’ Jelli and she told me I needed to put that out ASAP. So I hit Action Bastard and got him to do the art and the rest on the internets.

The song is fierce. I can’t wait to perform that one live. Its a lot of energy in it.

You are getting ready to drop your new album, Inspired By Pain. Tell me a little bit about the album.

Inspired By Pain is in the same vein as my last project, ‘Memoirs of Purgatory’. Its just darker. The album basically is the story of my ex-girlfriend breaking up with me and how I’m coping with it. I like to call it Depressant Aggressive Rap. The whole album is sample based. The production is mainly me. I got a beat from Action Bastard that’ll most likely make the project though. Uncle Russie might also have a joint on it as well.

Its not as depressing as the title sounds though. Its pretty much like an audio version of my twitter feed. Anything from being lonely, to being drunk saying whatever comes to mind, to randomly messing with chicks. You know, the normal shit that happens when you’re 22 years old and your girlfriend breaks up with you.

Do you have any videos set to drop from the project?

Actually, we’re in the process of storyboarding a video for “The Mack Is Back”. I’m not sure what its going to be like yet but we’re gonna do something creative. Saturday, we’re shooting a video for “The Ice Truck Killer” which was supposed to be a promo song for “The Dexter Morgan Mixtape” that’ll actually be on it now.

Do you have any upcoming projects set to drop after the album?

A few. I’m dropping a mixtape I’ve been talking about forever called “The Dexter Morgan Mixtape” on the premeire of season 6 of the show it was inspired by Dexter. I’ve been pretty much holding on to that since like March. I’ll probably be on my Elite Hunters Club brother, Action Bastard, project called “Suck My Dick I’m A Shark” too. Not sure when that’s coming out. My group, The Elite Hunters Club, will be putting out our mixtape, #FuckStewart soon along with an album of original material.

What are your thoughts on the music industry in 2011?

The music industry is coming back underground. Watch. Look at the the last few artists to really pop off. They pretty much did it without the big deal. However, everyone is a critic now. So its harder for guys like me to get a foot in the door because they want you to get popular first and then you’ll get some attention. But its hard building a fan base without support of the community or the internet so as an artist we’re always in a catch 22.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any shows or tour dates yet. Hopefully, next time we speak that’ll change. I got some stuff in the works just nothing concrete yet.

What is your website information?

For all things related to me check these sites

I can’t forget my family though. Check the Elite Hunters here:

Appreciate your time. Any last words before I let you go?

Yeah, I appreciate you taking out the time to pretty much give an interview to a dude the internet probably doesn’t care about right now. Thanks for the opportunity and letting me speak my piece.

Anytime fam. The internet and the world needs to and will know about your music.

I’m from Paterson, NJ and I’m a resident of Baltimore, MD. So you know I’m hood. I gotta do my shootouts, family. Shoutouts to The Elite Hunters Club, Smokin’ Jelli, DJ Sweetbro, Dallas Penn, Tony Grands, my ex, Grand Marnier, and anyone else who helped me in anyway so far in my musical journey.

Oh yeah. Fuck bouncers. 

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