Boss Hogg Outlawz Interview

The hip hop crew seems to be a dying breed in hip hop, but Slim Thug’s Boss Hogg Outlawz have proven otherwise. With 2 successful albums dropped on E1/Koch, the group embarks on their 3rd album, Serve & Collect 3, which was released today. With new members added to the group, they are definitely ready to hit the ground running with this album.

“We worked with a few different producers on this album, Mr. Lee being one of them and we also have new members in the group and the album is a must get says Dre Day. You have to get this album and we all went in real hard on it.”

2008’s Back By Blockular Demand was well received but with this album, Dre Day states everything is elevated to another level.

“It’s just a brand new flavor than the last album. We just wanted to do something completely different this time around, and the production is crazy, especially from Mr. Lee. We just took it to a whole other level on this one man.”

The group currently has their new single out entitled What Up along with the accompanying video. It showcases the group’s lyrical capabilities while at the same time making that head nodding, trunk rattling street bangers the group is well known for in Houston.

“Actually Slim Thug did the record in Dallas and me and J-Dawg hopped on it added Dre Day. We put our little twist to it and it came out perfect man. We definitely did the song for the city of Houston.”

The single appeared on 106 & Park and also had millions of views on WorldStarHipHop. Attention already now shifts to the group’s 2nd upcoming single from the album, Turn My Knock Up, featuring Slim Thug, Mug and Le$.

“The single is crazy and I really believe it is going to put the city back on the map, says Dre Day. To be honest I don’t even have a personal favorite from the album. I think the fans will enjoy every track from the album.”

Houston, Texas has a very rich hip hop history and although you may not see as many chart topping albums back to back from the city like a couple of years ago, the scene is still bubbling and putting out quality material.

“It’s beautiful the hip hop scene out here and I love the competition, says new member Herbman. But most definitely believe when the Boss Hogg Outlawz bring that heat like we always do, we are going to shut shit down.”

“Just everyone be on the lookout for the album, says Dre Day. It is real unique and full of flavor and we are going to hold it down. We are going to take the streets over once again.”

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