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I2G chilled with DPGC member Soopafly for a exclusive interview. We discuss his new album, Best Kept Secret, which dropped last week, his work with Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound, the possibilites of a Dubb Union reunion and much more so check it out.

Your new album Best Kept Secret dropped today. How would you say this album is different from your previous ones?


This one is more so me locking down kinda keeping all my best shit I would usually sell and use it for my album. I spent more time making sure everything I wanted on this album was there.


Do you have any videos set to drop from the project?


Yeah I am working on them now. I don’t really have a single so I am going to drop hopefully 5-6.


Do you have a personal favorite from the album?


All This Game and When I’m Smokin right now. It changes all the time though.


Yeah I am really digging Incredible right now. Westurn Union reunion. Any other albums or artists we can expect to hear your production on?


I will be doing production for Mr. Short Khop, Latoiya Williams, Mykestro, and a couple others.


How is work coming along with Dr. Dre on Detox and what was it like getting back in the studio with him after all this time?


Good. Feels like old times, everyone stay tuned.


What ever happened with Dubb Union? It was good to hear you guys again on the song Incredible.


We all decided at this point to work on personal careers and meet up at the top.


What are your favorite tracks from your first 2 albums, Dat Whoopty Woop and Bangin Westcoast?


Dat Whoopty Woop (Can I Get Bucc, Everyday, Phone Convo) Bangin Westcoast ( That Way, All For You, Come With Me, Smacc Dat Ass)


Any more plans of you doing more production on the next Dogg Pound album liked you did for 100 Wayz? That album was a monster beat wise.


Of course and I appreciate my niggaz lettin me get some me time in. had to prove to myself and others that I am still vital in this game and my sound is still fresh.


Does your production approach differ much when you are working on a Dogg Pound album?


Kind of ┬ámore rugged and harder beats I try to give them. I am a player so my shit be dat “hey who dat nigga rappin” type of shit. You know party on the dancefloor music.


There are two songs of yours that have eluded collectors for a number of years. One is called “50 Sac” and was slated to be on the Death Row Inside Out Compilation. The other song was called Drug Thing and was supposed to be on Gangsta’s Most Wanted Compilation CD. Do you remember anything about either of these songs?


50 Sac I kind of do. I need to hear it again. the other song, Drug Thing, sounds like a title they made up. They over recycling shit, putting different verses on subpar beats. They just prove that it wasnt just the beats at The Row it was the post production too, the mixing. They will never get our recipe.


Memories you have in recording World Of A Gangsta for Snoop and Only In California for Mack 10’s second album.

World Of A Gangsta was a song for my album but at that time I wasn’t full fledged working on Best Kept Secret. Plus money talks so I ended up giving it to Snoop.

Only In California I did that track at Snoop’s house. Mack 10 came over and rapped on it and they added Cube later. Actually I did not like the final master of it because I never got to finish it or mix it. It would have banged a whole lot harder if I got to do a final mix on it.


2 things I always wondered was did the DPGunit album ever completed or was it just the one song done on Young Buck’s album and how many tracks were completed by you, Daz and Snoop for the DPG 4 Life album that was advertised before Daz and Kurupt reunited.

DPGUnit was more of a great idea while they was on tour with us. We did songs on the bus but don’t know where they ended up. DPG 4 Life we scrapped that album idea shortly after the reunion.


Bad Lucc had mentioned you had a done a song with Warren G and Brotha Lynch Hung. Any truth to that rumor? If so, will this song ever see the light of day?


Are you sure? Not for sure on that one, don’t recall.


That was a question submitted by the fans. All good though. Over the years, different songs by a group you are a part of called “Nine Inch Dix” have been released. You do mostly singing on these tracks and they almost seem like parodies of 70’s soul/funk songs. Is there any serious push to get a record by this group released, or is this just something you, Snoop, and Half Dead do more as a way to have fun?


Yeah we do it more for fun. We love to sing while we chilling, smoking, doing our thang. Nothing but oldies so as we clown around singing songs, it does somewhat sound pretty good. We talked about doing a album but you know it takes us sitting down and dedicating some time to do it. Guess it is parody singing with a touch of seriousness to it.


Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?


Nah not right now. Doing spot dates with Snoop. plus it’s football season and I am going to be a head coach so I dedicate alot of my fall to my killaz!! (kids)




Appreciate your time, any last words before I let you go?


Shiiiiiiit ………. please order the album from itunes or I appreciate all my niggaz and bitches stayin down with me over these years. I promise to keep this west coast shit coming!

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