“Track Breakdown” Of Jehuniko’s European promo album, “Shipwreck Diaries”

Jehuniko’s European promo album, “Shipwreck Diaries” produced by Denmark’s OgenF.
“Die Rap Zombie” I love this song. Getting my daughter to do the intro and outro was classic. By far outshines the MC’s on this song. California’s young spitter Spoken Mind is featured on this song. We go at plastic wack rappers on this song and I personally say some wild shit. I said “I don’t spit punchlines, I spit landmines that create fault lines.” Haunting gothic orchestra sounds set the mood for the song.
“Everyday a New Sun Rises” The title is somewhat medicinal to me, something I tell myself and others. This song opens with “I take another trip to Norway with Capital X” and this song features the prolific Raptivist himself. This song gets the most feedback out of the whole project. A vibey guitar creates a nice soundscape.
“Streets of Gold” The marching beat made me create this catchy sing songy track. This was fun to do, performed it all over Europe recently and we shot a video to it on the train in Denmark and in the streets in Copenhagen. I personally like this song alot. OgenF made a dope beat.
“Helicoptero” Featues Mexico DF’s Karim, who spits in Spanish and again we go at false copycat rappers over a dark soundscape. Chopping, lacerating, weakening, burning the fake. “No mercy, we don’t ever bow down.” Karim kills it.
“Pain from the Sacrifice” After 1 of my shows in Northern Denmark back in February 2011, my daughter called me and it made me miss her so much. That night, upon return to my hotel I disappeared into the Copenhagen night on a hot one, a bad one, solo, with mischief on my mind in an effort to suppress the pain in my heart. The next day, OgenF put on the beat and in an hour I had written and recorded this song.
“The Feeling” I been called alot of things, whether you hate me, love me, or ignore me I go hard and I’m an animal. I love the patterns that I spit in my flow on this one.
“Super Human” I used this project as an experiment in my flow/delivery and how I research my topics. This song was an experiement of that variety. Some people prefer the darker songs in my catalog.
“Written in Stone” In Denmark while on tour, OgenF put on a beat and Eastborn from Scotland, Two Towers from Denmark and myself went to work. I love being in that conveyor recording process. God bless the engineer who is patient enough to record like this. This beat sounds like a whip, just slapping.
“Picture This” The other song from the session while on tour in Denmark. I would do this alot with Ikuestion whether we write together having verses follow a concept and lead into each other. Eastborn and Two Towers appear on this one as well.
Listen & download “Shipwreck Diaries” below:

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