European tour diary part 5 “3 shows in 2 days”

Last night was the album release party in Copenhagen and I went to sleep at 5 am. Woke up, had a show at a shopping plaza alongside OgenF, Two Towers , Pap & Emblem and Cee Rock the Fury. During my set, I went and sat on a bench next to some random couple in their 50’s who looked like they did not like hip hop. I felt like a lounge singer serenading the crowd, shit was hella funny. Everyone represented hard but today was definitely about Two Towers who had family in the house. Afterwards, we went OgenF’s studio and everyone recorded on a kill beat from OgenF. Again, everyone writes to a beat and records in the order that they are finished. I love that shit!! Took the train out to Helsingor, about 2 hours to the north of Copenhagen . Personally, I love taking the train. Well, for some reason, the train stopped about 20 minutes outside of Helsingor and we had to take a bus to the city. Upon arriving, I looked out and saw huge ferry’s that travel toSweden and all over. Such a cool sight. Walking towards the venue, this guy walked up to me and thought I was Capital X, then recognized from my previous show in Helsingor back in February 2011 and had my CD. He proceeded to tell me that his girl just dumped him and knowing that I’m going to perform in his city made his day. Helsingor is a small town and to plant seeds like this shows me that going to small towns and performing your heart out is a beautiful thing, because people remember.
            Two Towers opened with OgenF backing him, then came Pap & Emblem from Sweden and then me. Everyone represented hard. During my set, I spoke to the crowd and specifically to homeboy that had my CD and recognized from my last European tour. I told him that it’s crazy that 1 person could have the ability to make us feel so sad, happy or depressed, because ultimately we should have the ability within ourselves to control how we feel, to make ourselves feel good all the time. I mentioned that even though love hurts, that we should thank those  individuals for making us feel alive. As I spoke these words homeboy thanked me and that I changed his mood. That was dope and this is why I do this music, to connect with people like music does for me. Music saved me in my teenage years. It saved me from doing drastic things just because I was going through hardtimes. After my set, I went up these stairs, cold as hell outside yet covered in sweat and called my daughter. That moment will forever live within me. Anyways, Cee Rock the Fury performed after me then came the local group UC who seemed to be quite known in Helsingor. I tried to get fotos but they didn’t come out very well. After that, we all talked to the locals, sold CD’s and passed out a gang of copies of the European promo album “Shipwreck Diaries.” We chilled in front of the train station for what seemed like hours and I just remember laughing forever with Two Towers , OgenF, DJ Wernz, Pap & Emblem & Roger their Manager. I actually smiled in the fotos because I was having such a good time. I have performed with these cats on 3 different tours in Europe so I feel like I’ve got homies now in Europe which is dope. On the train back to Copenhagen , we filmed a video on the train for “Streets of Gold” off of Shipwreck Diaries.” Train passengers all looked at us crazy and 1 guy told me I sounded like Tom Waits. This is the 2nd time I’ve been compared to the old school blues singer. Truly a good time.
            Slowly cruised the streets of Copenhagen , watched mad drunk people everywhere puke, yell and eat pizza and fallafel. Went to sleep again at 5 am. woke up, chilled with the locals for my last day in Denmark before returning home. These people I came to know are the OG’s of Denmark . All OgenF’s people mind you, but the most thorough hardcore people from Copenhagen and it was dope absorbing the energy. That night I chilled with OgenF , Sweden ‘s legendary Virus and soaked up game from these OG’s. OgenF put on a beat, I wrote a song in about 45 minutes, recorded it and Virus said I sounded like Too Short!! Ha, funny. God bless that brother Virus. They walked me to get a taxi at 6 am in the rain, and off I went for my flight back home. Another successful European tour, thanks to my people and my dedication to the grind.
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Commercial for the album release event in Copenhagen :!/jehuniko1
Download “Shipwreck Diaries” the European promo album


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