4en6 – 4en6 FIles Album (Free Download)


4en6 is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated album “4en6 Files”, available everywhere on TODAY!!!


“4en6 Files” is an alternative Hip-Hop album that showcases the immense talent and dedication of the artist 4en6, the single “Monster Inside Me” is cold and calculated, which is perfect for the season and release date.


West Los Angeles, CA native 4en6 a.k.a. Trey Rivers is an up and coming Alternative Hip-Hop artist and is a notable songwriter for Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B artists. He puts an immense amount of pride and passion in everything he decides to invest himself into. A musician at heart he also plays the Piano and Tenor Saxophone and was a top student at the late Dr. Rachel Eubanks Conservatory of Music. He sees music as his passion and not his pastime and it is obvious in every song he is a part of. His personal mission is to revamp hip hop by putting inspirational and intelligent lyrics over a great choice of beats. What helps him as an artist is his intelligence, pursuit of knowledge and personal growth, as well as, how much constructive criticism he puts into all of his music. This means you will never hear a “half-ass” attempt at a verse or song nor will you get one-track minded music like most so called “artists” are creating. His lyrics are lavished with metaphors, clever double-meanings and comedic phrases. It would be a great treat for your ears to hear what this true artist has to say.


“Music is my passion not a pastime”—4en6

“I’m a true artist, come check out my gallery”—4en6

4en6 – 4en6 Files Album

4en6- Monster Inside Me- Download links:





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