Ludacris – 1.21 Gigawatts (Back To The First Time) Mixtape

1. Intro – 4.25/5. This beat is dope. Typical Luda intro, he’s REALLY spitting on here. Love it!
2. Save it for Another Day – 3.5/5. Beat is cool, hook is alright. This joint is alright, Luda’s voice sounds kinda weird (distorted).
3. Rich & Flexin’ – 4/5. This beat is dope as fuck. Luda kills it too. I don’t like Waka but he sounds great on this.
4. Muthafucka Can U Buy That – 3.75/5. Haha I knew right away about this joint. It’s alright all around.

5. History Lessons (Skit) – N/A.
6. Bada Boom – 4.25/5. Is this 9th Wonder? I’m diggin’ this. Definitely one of the better joints so far. Who’s he dissing at the end of this?
7. Say it to my Face – 4.5/5. Woah, this Juicy J beat is a mothefucking monster. This is definitely the best joint so far. I like Meek Mill on here too.
8. I Ain’t the One – 4/5. Was surprised to not see a Luda/2Chainz collab on TRU REALigion so nice to see one here. This is pretty tight.

9. Shake & Fries – 4/5. Haha Gucci’s hook is alright actually. Beat fits it well. Definitely will bump in the whip.
10. Do Sumthin’ Strange – 4.25/5. Love me some Drumma Boy with Luda/Ross. Haha love the hook. I can dig it!
11. I’m On Fire – 4.5/5. This is that shit right there. Shocked it ain’t a KRIT beat. One of the better tracks for sure. KRIT’s verse is big time on point. Flow is too clean!

12. What U Smoking On – The Credits have Wiz featured but he isn’t actually on it; they fucked up, you can replace this version with the Wiz version if you’d like here:

4.5/5. This is a KRIT beat and it’s fire! The hook is repetitive but is smooth and fits the beat well. Luda’s tone is clean on here and flow dope too. Wiz spits dope as fuck too, fits the beat real well.

This is a very good mixtape, better than almost all of Luda’s albums basically lol.

Best tracks:
I’m On Fire
What U Smoking On
Say it to my Face

Good tracks:
Rich & Flexin’
Bada Boom
I Ain’t the One
Shake & Fries
Do Sumthin’ Strange

Save it for Another Day
Mothafucka Can U Buy That


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