B.o.B “EPIC” (Every Play Is Crucial) Mixtape Review

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1. Epic – 4.25/5. Nice mixtape opener, straight spitting. Not a big Tre fan but he has some nice lines haha. B.o.B sounds great on this. Good look for Meek Mill too.
2. Wrong – 3.5/5. Cool sing-song hook. Spodee is a new artist signed to Grand Hustle, dude sounds pretty good too. Track is nothing special but not bad either.
3. Guest List – 3.5/5. Roscoe Dash has a tight hook game. Beat is ok, B.o.B. sounds nice. Decent track.
4. What Are We Doing – 3.75/5. Knew this would be more singing than rapping. I dig the vibe though, the stop and go. I fuck with it.

5. Perfect Symmetry – 4/5. Track has a different vibe than I expected but that’s cool. 2 Chainz does a good job fitting the track ’cause it’s not his typical.
6. New York New York – 3.75/5. Girl on the hook, that kind of track haha. Not sure who she is. I dig the high energy vibe though. Nothing special however.
7. Boom Bap – 4.5/5. T.I. starts it off and he’s spitting his ass off! The title fits this track perfectly, boom bap hip-hop. Nice to see a Mos Def sighting! Kills it. B.o.B spits great too.
8. Welcome to the Jungle – 3/5, First non original track; freestyle instead. Not even one of my favorite tracks off WTT lol. B.o.B does his thing but I won’t play this again.

9. 5 on the Kush – 4.5/5. This is dope as fuck, makes a sick trio. Krit always comes proper! B.o.B does too. Bun B has one of the coldest flows ever and this is a good example.
10. How Bout ‘Dat – 4/5. Vibe fits Future extremely well. This is some 2011 south shit. The flow is very telling of that. Surprised to see Trae on here, I’m diggin’ him though.
11. Things Get Worse – 4/5. The big surprise, Eminem feature. I wonder if this is new; Em’s verse has that gay accent. I dig the Eminem hook though.
12. Fucked Up – This track has a video, I like the sample. Another Playboy Tre feature. I mess with it a lil lol.

13. Strange Clouds – 4/5. We all heard this already, first official single off B.o.B sophomore album which will hit stores in March. I fuck with it!
14. Friday Night Star – 3.5/5. B.o.B’s versatility here, more of his mainstream side; stuff I expect to see on his album. It’s cool. He has a lil Andre 3000 in him lol.
15. High – 4.5/5. Yeah, this is the B.o.B shit I dig! Real dope raps here

Best tracks:
Boom Bap
5 on the Kush

Things Got Worse, Perfect Symmetry and How Bout ‘Dat are pretty cool too.

The rest is typical mixtape throwaway I’d say.

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