Common “The Dreamer, The Believer” Album Review

1. The Dreamer – 4/5. A very nice opener. Basically exactly how you expect Common to open up an album.
2 Ghetto Dreams – 5/5. The first single, a classic with Nas. Love the scratches! Reminds me of “The Game” but even better than that.
3. Blue Sky – 4.5/5. Definitely a stand out right now. Common & No ID really did they thing on this one.
4. Sweet – 4/5. This beat is extremely tight. Straight quality hip-hop all around here.

5. Gold – 4/5. The quality continues, not a whole lot different to say about this. Just a dope record.
6. Lovin’ I Lost – 5/5. This is one of my favorite records on here. It’s just too smooth and soulful! I see single potential here.
7. Raw (How You Like It) – 4/5. Just some more dope shit here. “you Hollywood, nah I’m Chicago, so I cracked his head with a mothafuckin bottle.”
8. Cloth – 4.25/5. Another great hip-hop joint! Some real talented hook singers on this album too.

9. Celebrate – 4/5. I like all the play on words during the hook. A feel good record but still hip-hop at it’s finest.
10. Windows – 4/5. Some meaningful shit here. Another great hook too.
11. The Believer – 5/5. Woah, this is too ill! John Legend is so powerful on this. This shit stands out!
12. Pops Belief – N/A

All in all, a fantastic album! Exactly what you’d hope and expect from Common. Might be the album of the year!

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