Rani Gaddy Interview

I2G kicked it with Rani Gaddy for a exclusive interview. We discuss her blog site, agirlandherhiphop.com, her start in the game and much more so check it out.

I2G is here with Rani Gaddy, how’s it going?

Everything is going good.

For those unfamiliar with your site, tell me a little bit about how it got started.

My blog first started as a poem blog, but that soon got boring.  After which I began commenting on videos on the web and as traffic increased I started to establish a name for the blog.  Representatives from hip hop artists started contacting me to review and post their music and I just stuck with it.

How did the idea come about to create your first compilation?

I needed some promotion for the blog and I thought why not create a compilation.  It’s a great way to not only spread the word about the blog, but share some of the great music and artists featured on the blog.  AGirlandHerHipHop.com’s first compilation, “A Fresh Perspective on Hip Hop Culture Volume 1” is available here: http://soundcloud.com/agirlandherhiphop/sets/a-fresh-perspective-on-hip-hop/

Any good memories that stick out to you from putting together your compilation?

Yeah, how easy it was to work with DJ Addiction and the artists that he represents: Crock Firm and Fame Cohen.

Who were some of your musical influences coming up?

Madonna, Janet Jackson, Prince, Salt-N- Pepa, Queen Latifah and Monie Love, Lauryn Hill, Heavy D, A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg and Nas.

What are your thoughts on the east coast/west coast scenes currently?

I like the laid back vibe of the West coast. Artists like Dom Kennedy and of course Kendrick Lamar are becoming excellent at their craft and they have my attention.  The East coast always does their thing.  Pittsburgh is coming strong with New York setting the pace, but my heart lies in the South. It’s where I’m from and to me Curren$y is that dude right now and in no way I am forgetting about the emcees in the Midwest.

What are some of your favorite albums that have dropped so far this year?

Curren$y’s “Weekend At Bernie’s” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Section .80”.

Do you have any plans for more compilations in the future?

I’m actually ironing out dates and covers now for “A Fresh Perspective of Hip Hop Culture Volume 2”.

What is your website information?

You can check out reviews and new music from up and coming artists at agirlandherhiphop.com.

Alright well that is all the questions I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Are there any last words or shout outs you want to get out there to the people?

A special thanks to all the supporters of AGirlandHerHipHop.com!

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