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With two guest verses, a real singer on the hook and an outside producer crafting the track, there are so many places “Play That Record” could go wrong. Thankfully 40 Glocc’s latest is a perfect example of five A-Games locked together for a common purpose. As was evident on Emilio Rojas’ “Rise Above”, Racq Dolo can shine on a hook, making it memorable after one listen without stealing the track. Producer Cardiak doesn’t just hold fast with the signature components that made bangers out of 50 Cent’s “Outlaw” and Lloyd Banks’ “Check Me Out”, but instead ups the ante by piling on the layers and blowing up the start of the verses with bigger synths which are then knocked aside by live untreated drums. (And since this is a Mobb track at heart, the end tom fills are also nice callback to “Flood The Block”) But what matters most is the rapping and “Play That Record” shows how “Big Bad 40” is at his strongest when acting as the centerpiece of a trio that draws more on East Coast raw than West Coast slick. He has the same dynamic with P and Havoc that he had with the Zoo Crew on forgotten gems like “Bring It Ruff,” holding down that all important second verse; smooth enough to keep the song from dipping after the handoff and strong enough to not get upstaged by the final 16 (even more admirable when it turns out to be Prodigy). What you come away with is a track that is simultaneously commercial and street; synthetic and grimy.

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