Introducing Maff Test


The last few years have been an amazing adventure for the illinois rapper professionally known as MAFF TEST a.k.a young harvey, knowing the music business would make way in his life for as long as he could remember. Unlike many young adults growing up less fortunate in a single parent home, TEST would never allow this type of stigma to slow him up from what his ultimate goal is and that is to make a name for himself as a musically.
When asked the details of the hood or city he was from, TEST simply states that he was from “Harvey” (typical less fortune and some) and then tells reporters to do their own research and be the judge. We found Harvey to be a poverty stricken suburban city of 3 or 4 projects, corrupted law enforcement, complete with gang and drug pollution. Later in life, TEST’s would be nicknamed Young Harvey, since he is the first to represent their city by “putting it on the map.” While he doesn’t talk much about his early years or the drastic come up from nothing to doing quite well, fans learn about his childhood as his struggles are often expressed through his songs.
So hear you have it, Maff releases his latest single “Made Of” featuring his partner-in-crime and producer Jon Wain. Maff also announces the official release of I.G.M. (also referred to as “Its Great Music” geared towards uniting different companies / movements with similar goals and purposes.

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