Jehuniko Releases 2nd Single From Shipwreck Diaries, Die Rap Zombie

Jehuniko is back with his 2nd single off of his European album, Shipwreck Diaries, that he dropped last year. Die Rap Zombie is one single that stays near and dear to J, as explained below.

“Die Rap Zombie” I love this song. Getting my daughter to do the intro and outro was classic. By far outshines the MC’s on this song. California’s young spitter Spoken Mind is featured on this song. We go at plastic wack rappers on this song and I personally say some wild shit. I said “I don’t spit punchlines, I spit landmines that create fault lines.” Haunting gothic orchestra sounds set the mood for the song.

Jehuniko- Die Rap Zombie (featuring Spoken Mind)(Produced By Ogen F)

To listen to the album, check out the embed player below and to download the album, link on the link below the player.

Jehuniko- Shipwreck Diaries (Produced By Ogen F)(Free Album Download)

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