Chola Pin Up Interview

Chola Pin Up, the online force, the hardcore imagery, the community outreach & the events. Once I realized how active they were in their community outreach, I thought it would be an interesting dialog to interview them and you know what? Their answers are on point!
Exclusive interview with Chola Pin Up by @Jehuniko1
Jehuniko: So how did it all begin?
In May of 2010 after being asked repeatedly about the mujeres found in the flickas, sisters Laura and Madeline Alviso took, the Alviso sisters set up a fan page online for what they called “CHOLA PINUP”.  There was a deep interest in the cyber world to know more about the females and the photography.
Chola Pin Up: A year earlier, after much soul searching Madeline “Nena” Alviso and her sister Laura “Lala” Alviso decided to pursue their passion in documenting barrio culture and opened up a photography studio in downtown Sunnyside, WA.  Immediately the work of the sisters was seen all over the cyber space. The way they seen it, if they were gonna support loca mujeres in their work, those mujeres would be genuine, representing CHOLAS in a righteous way. The mujeres (women) in CHOLA PINUP are involved in activism, marketing and modeling.
 What’s the mission or purpose of Chola Pin Up?
To empower underserved communities throughout the world with the encouragement of our CHOLA PINUP Network. To bring to light injustices that affect the barrios of Aztlan and to serve as a platform for Xicana Arte, Barrio Culture and Community Unity.
Seems like your movement is catching on quickly as I see gente from all over getting down?
So you are mostly based in LA & Washington?
Chola Pinups can be found all over the South West, NorthWest and West Coastal part of the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Spain, Brazil & Guatemala. But corporate is in WASHINGTON STATE with our shops and activist center in Pomona, CA.
Ok, cool. I dedicate myself to activism and how Corporations market their products to Raza’s buying power. They want our money but don’t care about our community. When you said  on your site, “through modeling, marketing, activism,” it caught my attention because it sounded like you were taking the initative to do for your own community instead of letting these Corporations keep taking from our people. Can you break this down for me?
We support underground music on a WORLD WIDE network, support incarcerated ppl to get basic human rights, and lastly we bring to Xicana arte to the forefront by taking something that is typically not seen as beautiful and turning it into something that everyone can respect and appreciate.
Orale, that’s whats up. So you offer calendars, a platform for people locked up to get letters, clothing, what else? Events as well?
Yes, we have events going on all the time. Chola Pinup sets up a themed shoot every month, sometimes in California, but mostly in Washington State.  We also support and promote local artists and plan our own events. For example in the next weeks we will be hosting the “CALIFORNIA QUEEN PIN ART SHOW AND BIRTHDAY PARTY” in Canoga Park, CA. on Feb. 24, on the 26th we are shootings with local rappers in South El Monte, CA and focusing our shoot on the on going CALIFORNIA PINTA HUNGER STRIKES, March 3rd we will be in the Echo Park Area with cast members of the iconic chola movie “MI VIDA LOCA” doing a remake shoot “estilo chola pinup” and accepting an award at the VIVA LA MUJER AWARDS in LA.   
Yeah? Felicidades, that’s tight. Aside from yourselves, who is repping for Raza in a righteous way?
Shout out the homegirl Angel Aviles McClinton (actress, producer, activist) supports Chola Pinup and does what she can to support raza artists, film makers, MUJERES with a project called “BullFighters Café” that gives a platform for Raza in the industry. 
What are some issues affecting our young people these days?
Aside from dope, the pintas & government that is out to incarcerate the Raza in the nation.
It’s crazy because Xicanismo has infiltrated every aspect of global culture and when I travel internationally, I’m always a novelty being that I am Xicano. Being that I2G is a hip hop site, how feel about hip hop as a voice of the streets?
We support Hip Hop and other artistic avenues that aim to educate through creative outlets.  Chola Pinup feels hip hop is an amazing and productive way to educate and reach out in the streets.
Definitely. Around the US and around the world, people are protesting. Groups like Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy_____ (city of your choice) are at the forefront of the uprise yet we have been fighting this since 1492 when these lands were infiltrated. The US these days are a beautiful melting pot yet still it’s roots stem from native people, some of which are called “Mexicanos” “Chicanos.” What are your thoughts on this stolen land 2012?
AZTLAN is where you make it… There is uprising against these corporate nations and CHOLA PINUP stands with the efforts of “the people”/99%ers.  In Mexico and other nations there is community efforts in organizing the “pueblos” in mass numbers like “Movimentio MORENA”, but you wont find that in the news. Hahahahahaha
You got that right. Women endure something men will never understand. Modern day society is ill from the inside out, how does your movement empower women?
We are an ALL- FEMALE run business and network with females all over the world… The females in CHOLA PINUP are small business owners, artists, some pursing graduate degress and we all work together to help the other achieve success, but promoting their work and so on.
A music industry veteran told me,”Latinos don’t support their own.” It was crazy to hear this but you know what it is true. I have more haters & opposition from Raza, more than any other group of people. Kemo the Blaxican from Delinquent Habits mentioned in a song this theory of “crabs in bucket.” Crabs being rappers trying to be the 1st one to blow up. I totally agree with him too. What do you think?
We have faced opposition from others in the industry and unfortunately its been other raza as well… as a conquered society our gente is quick to support and buy music but when it comes to our own we “hate” and that really needs to change.
People like Psycho Realm are the leaders in this I feel and other artists are making noise too. What are your thoughts on this and how we can unify?
Showing up at concerts, buying from independent labels is a start.
Alight carnala, what’s next for you?
We’d like to get more involved in supporting the children of incarcerated people… perhaps setting up a scholarship…
I really appreciate your time, any last words?


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