Capital X Journal Entry 6- Capital X performs in Germany

If ten years ago someone would have told me I would be traveling to Germany to partake in an event against injustice in Amerikkka, I would have thought they were crazy. On July 29, 2011 that’s just what I did though.  I had been to Germany before but it was just a quick stop on […]

Capital X Journal Entry 5

(Open Letter To Prisoners by: Capital-“X”)   Dear comrades, Friends, family and beloved ones I hope when this letter reaches your hands it finds you in the best possible health physically, mentally and spiritually considering the circumstances. I am writing this letter to every prisoner in Amerikkka currently serving a sentence. I would also like […]

Capital X Journal Entry 4

It’s Never Too Late Capital-”X” Meets Vinnie Paz and Jedi Mind Tricks Who ever tells you that you’re too old to live out your dreams should be beat down like Reginald Denny. Damn I still feel for that dude. Seriously though, I think it’s safe to say that I am living proof that it’s never […]


Rapper Ice Cube leaves J-Dee of Da Lench Mob hanging. Being a raptivist, a rapper that is an activist for those of you that don’t know, isn’t just about rapping lyrics surrounding a cause. Well for some it may be just that I am not in anyway trying to set the precedence on raptivism here. […]


Juan Melendez Could you ever imagine, being run up on by the FBI, guns drawn, aimed dead on your head, then being thrown down to the ground, hand cuffed and taken away knowing you didn’t do anything? You may have done some dirt in the past being young and stupid but you paid for that. […]


Back in 1988, N.W.A. lead us all to say, “Fuck The Police”. In 1989, Chuck D and Public Enemy lead us to “Fight The Power”. In 2009 Rick Ross lead us, to get “Rich off Cocaine”, that’s insane. Where has all our fight gone? I don’t know about anybody else, but the powers that be, […]