Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 67: “Occupy Wall Street”

If you have been paying attention, there have been riots all over the world while the US condemns these other governments and their violation of human rights. Now the focus is on the US and this is happening right now. Blatant violation of human rights but since this country’s inception.     a video from the frontlines, literally…posted […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 66: “Underground US Government Bases Exposed”

I couldn’t help but collect these for you, after all this is illuminati2g. – @Jehuniko1 Jesse Ventura – Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport Operation Mountain Guardian • Largest Terrorism Drill Ever • Denver September 2011 Underground US Government Bases Exposed 2012 Underground Shelters for Rich People Reported by NBC News So here’s the […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 65: Legal Murder, live illegal grafitti, hip hop

More of the essence, the fuel and why hip hop is a enemy of the state. -@Jehuniko1 San Francisco Police Shoot Innocent Victim 5 Times After Chasing Him Down For Not Paying Bus Fare! Crack & Shine International *TRAILER* from Topsafe London on Vimeo. real, live street action…. Beastie Boys featuring Santogold “Don’t Play No Game […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 64: Protests in Chile, Live Grafitti

“protests in Chile, live grafitti I2G is a hip hop site. So instead of discussing/displaying Young Swag’s latest street cred and his “prices” on work, we bring you real hip hop. A fight for freedom, taking back the night, self-empowerment, belief in self. These are core traits of hip hop. Thought it wasn’t, do your […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 63: The 1st annual Guerrilla Republik Convention

The 1st annual Guerrilla Republik Convention August 5,6, 7 Baltimore, MD   Featuring Sam Greenlee, OG Warrior & author of this book/movie. That’s what I call original gangster! Professor Griff of Public Enemy will be speaking. “Pawns in the Game” Something special, something sacred…so tap into that “life force energy” and see that “WARRIORS take […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 62 – Guerrilla Republik “only the realist feel this”

Guerrilla Republik, a movement rooted in love of self, of culture, defense of our culture, defense of our land & humanity..via hip hop? By way of being organized? I’m willing to bet money that you’ve heard of the some of the artists who align themselves with Guerrilla Republik. But instead of name dropping, I will […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 61- DJ Muggs – the legendary OG with new projects coming soon

Producer spotlight with 1 of the producers that laid the foundation, the OG himself, DJ Muggs. Not only do I endorse conscious revolutionary uplifting music & interviews, I endorse those that provide me with the soundtrack to survive to. Hardcore for the callejeros, grafitti writers, working class martyrs and overall survivors of Babylon. I even took […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution Volume 60 “Producer Spotlight-Araab Muzik”

  Illuminati 2G continues with the producer spotlight this time on Araab Muzik. Previously, we featured my all time favorite production team Sid Roams: South Africa’s Mr. Sakitumi:   As well as Japan’s DJ Krush: This time we focus on the Optimus Prime of 2011 hip hop production. I hear him on […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution- Volume 59: Mad Illz

Mad Illz, CEO of Grindtime Now, Guerrilla Republik representer,  spitting haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. Look out for the exclusive interview with Mad Illz coming soon to illuminati2g – Jehuniko Madd Illz – Wanna Have My Dream @Anti-Columbus Celebration Homie straight kills it… MADD ILLZ spits for the camera MADD ILLZ vs State Of Mynd Madd Illz vs Seel […]

Jehuniko’s Information Revolution- Volume 58: New Year

We are the world and I sacrifice so much to go to every part of the world. Music and art truly unify us people. ~Jehuniko Talk about behind the scenes? The most amazing video I’ve ever seen..Steve Duncan, Urban Historian accompanied by Andrew Wonder…watch this whole thing, unless you find remote control and sitcom life […]