RoGizz – Interview (Intro) Official Video

RoGizz – The Fire (Prod S.C.) Watch/Embed/Share here. New video from the Interview With A Schizo project. @ROGIZZ Love vs. Lust? Rich vs. Poor? Pure vs. Corrupt? The Black Blago Chronicles continue. . . Mixtape contains features w/ Cappadonna, Paypa (Project Mayhem) & Realitee along with stellar tracks from S.C., TREE, Magnificent Beats, Tony Baines […]

RoGizz aka Black Blago – The Fire (Prod S.C.)

RoGizz – The Fire (Prod S.C.) Listen/Download/Share here. New single from the Interview With A Schizo project, produced by S.C. Check out the wordplay and concepts in this cut. NASir is a tribute to letting us know lyrics still DO matter… @ROGIZZ Purity vs. Pimping? Good vs. Evil? Love vs. Lust? RoGizz vs. Black Blago? […]

Baby S- California Style (Video)

Here is the new video from Baby S entitled California Style. It is from his upcoming album entitled Forever. Also be on the lookout for our exclusive interview with Baby S on I2G.

Blak Interview

As far as underground hip hop, I feel that the music is making more and more of a powerful statement. Lyrics are starting to become more important again and to me that is what hip hop was about to begin with. Lyrics and freedom to express yourself and I feel that the underground is heating up and mainstream music is slowing catching on. I think overall that the music scene is changing, and I don’t know about you but last year and these past couple of years I got tired of hearing the dance song with a dance to match with it.

J NiCS – Last Time RMX (Prod. Numonics)

“To coincide with my interview with regarding my albums with Reks, Co$$, Dynas, Knowledge Medina, J NiCS, J57 (and more) in 2012, I decided to revisit one of my favorite songs for a remix. “Last Time” was featured on my collaborative album with J NiCS entitled “Champion Rizla”and was the first song we recorded together. I took the original in a new direction, with […]

Billy Danze (M.O.P.) presents R.U.N. (Raps United Nations) Official Website

Check it out, showcasing independent talent. Also be on the lookout for our interview with Billy Danze coming soon to I2G. Billy Danze (M.O.P.) presents R.U.N. (Raps United Nations)

Will Vill Interview

I2G chilled with NY rhyme slayer, Will Vill for a exclusive interview. We discuss his start in music, his upcoming album and much more so check it out. I2G is here with Will Vill, how’s it going? Couldn’t ask for better. A fly start to the new year. For those unfamiliar with you as an artist, […]

Rock City Interview

Well we were signed by Akon on September 6th, 2006 and we felt that the business was not going the way we had initally discussed. We thought it would be better if we parted ways and we start our own company. That’s basically the story in a nutshell.

Phar-City Interview

I2G linked up once again with Phar-City for a exclusive interview. We discuss their upcoming album, their thoughts on music in 2011 and much more so check it out Illuminati 2G is here with Phar-City how’s it going guys?  It’s going good. Last time we spoke, you guys had just dropped your Talk Of CT […]

Rani Gaddy Interview

I2G kicked it with Rani Gaddy for a exclusive interview. We discuss her blog site,, her start in the game and much more so check it out. I2G is here with Rani Gaddy, how’s it going? Everything is going good. For those unfamiliar with your site, tell me a little bit about how it […]