Jehuniko’s Information Revolution: Volume 50- Revolutionary MC’s

Aside from this edition containing quality music / videos, all these MC’s believe in the anti-injustice movement.

here is what alot of hip hop today sounds like…..(see above video of marshmellow man)
I noticed in Europe, Central America, Mexico, they on that traditional boom bap, MC’s spitting fire..they not into “down south” beats or music at all……so for lil swag and yung swag, this marshmellow’s 4 you!

Jehuniko – 1st show in Glasgow, Scotland. After 3 planes and 4 hours of sleep, I was mad tired…gave my all at the show though and still kicked it afterwards. Just the glow in my spirit of being far away because of my music kept me going.

Capital X, live in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was a cool venue and every night of the tour, Capital X spit sooooooo hard! Triple OG right there, from knowing all these old school NY legends, to being on the Warp Tour, to his walk from New Jersey to Texas protesting the death penalty. Capital X is the real deal. If you buy 1 CD for the rest of your life, buy Capital X’s music. Support the real!

The “Bullet Proof Gandhi,” Brent Lee Regan performs ‘Negotium’ at The I Want Justice Tour in Edinburgh Oct 4th, 2010. Did 3 shows with homie and at each show, he would pick up his guitar and keep flowing. Great artistry!

“Tipo de Leyenda”
Dope beat, sick visuals, lyrics on point as expected….

Lyrical Agent performing ‘Open Your Eyes’ at The I Want Justice Tour in London Oct 6th, 2010. This is the venue we performed at in London and we did 1 show with homeboy. Good to meet 2 solid UK MC’s!

I Want Justice UK Tour in Glasgow (Guest Bigg Taj)
crazy beatboxing…………

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