Jehuniko’s Spiritual Warfare 3 Revisited

There are some people out there that are new to the Spiritual Warfare 3 street album that dropped a couple months ago so here is a little background on it and a link for everyone to check it out. Enjoy.

3 days, 27 songs, 2 mixtapes recorded……one being Spiritual Warfare 3.

Mixed by Michael “Law” Thomas & Engineered by Omar “Ikuestion” Loya for Rejected Rhythemz

artwork by

“I consider this my best work to date. Grinding in this music industry, I experience alot of adversity from artists, “friends,” associates, industry people and most of all people who front on Chicanos/Raza. You could say that they inspired me greatly. Alot has gone on these last few months from international activity, personal drama and I pour my heart into my music. The 3rd edition of the Spiritual Warfare series, this goes hard. I was going to make this a project with absolutely no features but considering that Capital X and I are going on tour in Europe and is really looking out for me, I had to get him on there. Not to mention he spits crazy! Thanks to Ikuestion & Michael Law Thomas for looking out and helping me get this done. Big shout out to Justice Allah for the video and all the technical nonsense. Much love to DMarc for keeping my homebase (illuminati2g) alive!

Also, big shout out to the Anti-Injustice Movement, and to my comrade K6 of, all the Guatemala heads who show me love. Can’t forget my carnal, Wilson – Reporte Ilegal, La Onda Bajita-the dopest radio show around on 94.1,KPFA-gracias! To Scotty, the official Outstanding Media representer-what up loc! Big thanks to Puma for believing in me and my movement. El Gafeto,Windwalker who got me on the Wu-Tang compilation, to the young OG, Tone-thanks 4 everything.

To the homie Gun, Sai, Danny in Oregon, all the San Antonio heads, OG Chuck in Nicaragua, 4th Cycle, Jesse Hazelip for the crazy cult logo-proud of you carnal…Argot & Ochre the PR firm representing Jehuniko…Lisa/Kemo DS-much love….most of all my family, my monstra and Creator God!…..leave for Europe in 2 days, trying to keep it all together here.”

Jehuniko- Spiritual Warfare 3

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