Ron P Interview

I2G chilled with Ron P for a exclusive interview. We discuss his upbringing in music, upcoming projects and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with Ron P, how’s it going, man?


Ah, I’m doin’ good, how you doin’?


Good, good.  Tell me a little bit of how you got your start in hip hop and who your musical influences are out there comin’ up.


You wanna know the year or how I got started?


Just how you got started and some of who were your favorite artists growin’ up.


Most definitely, and probably my favorite, would be Jay Z.  I’m a Nas fan, people like that.  I go more for the east coast rappers because I didn’t like the down south style too much but I like it now.  I started like in middle school just playin’ around , sittin’ with my friends, never takin’ it serious.  As I got older, it become more of a hobby, then I started takin’ it seriously.


What are you currently working on now?   Do you have any mixtapes, albums, or anything in the works that you have ready to drop in 2011?


I do, I’m working on an album right now, it’s gonna be eleven tracks.  I’m gonna call it No Gravity, Mostly had local producers and my flow has got better so I started pushin’ out projects so I want people to see the new me.


Do you  got any videos or anything set to drop from the project?


Not any actual music videos, I got just a lot of footage of performance and stuff on YouTube my channel is IAMRONP.  It’s just clips of me performing and stuff like that.  I ain’t actually put together a video yet though.


What’s the hip hop scene like in Ohio where you’re from?


You know, it’s big.  A lot of people don’t think so, but the scene is real big.  It’s like a tight-knit community, it’s like everybody knows everybody because everybody’s doin’ the same thing.  Not a lot of resources to get heard to come out this far.  Not in Ohio period, I mean you got the Hip Hop Awards, but it’s kinda just here.  No one’s lookin’ at Columbus.


Why do you think that is?  You think it’s just there’s a lot of underground acts, or do you think there’s a certain reason behind that?  Do you feel like there’s no shine on the acts in Ohio?


No, I definitely feel the acts, there’s a lot of acts here, man.  Definitely got good songs, good quality songs,  industry-ready songs.  I just think that the A&R’s or whoever may be out scoutin’, I just don’t think they know people in Columbus doin’ what we doin’.  I did a show in St. Louis over on I-20 maybe like 2 months ago, and when they announced that I was from Ohio I had a chance to talk about what I can, and they were like like I didn’t know that Columbus basically had rappers so I just don’t think they know that we’re here.


We’re about halfway through 2011, what are your thoughts on hip hop right now in 2011 and what’s your favorite album that’s come out so far this year?


I think it’s changing a lot, everybody’s singin’, rappin’, everybody’s trying to sing and rep their own hood.  Definitely diggin’ it.  It’s openin’ up a lot for mainstream artists, like myself, who make more radio style music I would say instead of underground, it’s like more open for that. My favorite this year, that would probably be…I’m not sure if Rick Ross, if it was last year or this year, that Teflon Don. 

I think that was last year.


Hmm…this year…that Lupe hasn’t dropped yet…I don’t even know, this year, who probably dropped , man. Album-wise, I don’t got a favorite yet, I got a lot of songs out though that I like, but not a favorite album.


Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates comin’ up for you that you wanna let the people know about?



Nothin’ else going on in Colubmus, I’m trying to get out of the city, trying to book some shows out of the state.


 What’s your website information  so people can check out your music and see what you’ve got goin’ on?


You can visit , my twitter is IAmRonP, my YouTube is IAmRonP, my facebook is IAmRonP, everything on the internet is IAmRonP, but my main site is .  You can go there, join it, chat on the site, be a member, post comments, get free ringtones, etc.


 Well, those are all the questions I have for you,  appreciate you getting’ down for interviews.  Any last words or shout outs you wanna give out there to the people?


 Yeah, I wanna shout out  just the whole team in general and that’s pretty much it in Columbus itself.


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