Zach 89 Interview

I2G chilled with Zach 89 for a exclusive interview. We discuss his new mixtape Rapzhody, his work with the group Team Blackout, and much more so check it out.

Alright, Illuminati 2G is here with Zach 89! How’s it goin’, man?


Good man, how you doin’?


Good. Tell me a little about how you got your start in music and your musical influences.


Well, I started getting really into hip hop when I was like 10 years old listening to artists like Jay Z, Eminem. Those two artists at the time were on the rise at the beginning stages of their careers, that was around the time I was listening. I was mad young. So they really got me into hip hop and wanting to pursue it myself. I started writing rhymes and getting better and better after it went on. Then, I just really started going real hard with it and really wanted to make this my career and I’ve been doing it ever since.


You just recently dropped your new single and video Rap Regulator. Tell me a little about the single and the video and how it came together for you.


Yeah, the joint Rap Regulator is a freestyle I did over M.O.P’s classic joint “Ante Up”. I just wanted to put my own spin on it. It just has such great energy. M.O.P.’s a real hardcore group. I just love their energy and what they bring to hip-hop. I just wanted to do my thing to it, have a little fun with it. It’s a little different kind of style compared to what they did with it. I kinda was just havin’ fun. Like the video, if you see it, it’s out right now. It’s just me and my boys rollin’ through my neighborhood in Queens, just havin’ fun and livin’ it up, bein’ alive and just enjoyin’ it.


Do you have anymore upcoming singles or videos that are set to drop soon?


I’m about to drop another video off another freestyle. I won’t put the name out quite yet, but it’s comin’ in a matter of weeks. Then, leading up to the release of my full mixtape, which is called Rapzhody.


Are there any details you can give us about the upcoming mixtape? Guest appearances, production, etc.?


The mixtape Rapzhody, it’s got like this 90’s hip hop feel to it. I went back and did a bunch of freestyles over a lot of classic hip-hop joints like Hate Me Now from Nas, Flava In Ya Ear. Joints like that. That’s the music that I really grew up listenin’ to as a kid, so I kinda wanted to help bridge the gap for the new generation of hip-hop listeners and the old school generation. I feel like a lot of the youth nowadays might not be too up on some of the music that came out back in the 90’s. That was a great period of music, that was like my favorite era in hip-hop. That’s basically the whole theme of the mixtape. On top of that, not only am I rappin’ on the mixtape, I’m also playin’ drums over the tracks as well, so there’s gonna be somethin’ else that’s different that makes it more special.


This mixtape will kinda be the prelude to your album titled I’m Me. Are there any details you can give about your full-length album?


The album I’m Me, that’s set to drop probably the year 2012. I’m still puttin’ the tracks together for it, that’s gonna be all original music. I’m workin’ with a bunch of upcomin’ artists. I worked with this singer Sophia Lorentz. She’s a great singer. We got a bunch of great music comin’ and we worked with some of my people in Jersey that I work with. Shout out to Gutta Town Boys and Dream Catchers. And of course, you know, you can see my Team Blackout members Reggie and Jojo on the album.

That leads right into my next question. What’s going to come next for Team Blackout? Any mixtapes before you drop your full-length?


Right now with Team Blackout, well, basically workin’ on our solo projects but we’re still doin’ tracks together. We all got mixtapes droppin’, but we’re all still recording with each other. Basically, the main focus right now is to give the public a better understanding of what we each are and what we each bring to the table. All three of us bring something different to the table, different styles, different personalities. The public really hasn’t gotten a chance to know each one of us, they just got to see what they saw from the show on Run’s House. So that’s basically the motive right now, we’re just goin’ in and doin’ our own thing solo wise, allowing people the idea of seeing what we’re each about.


What are your thoughts on hip hop in 2011?


I think hip hop is lookin’ great right now in 2011. A lot of talented artists out there making great music. J. Cole just dropped an album, ’bout to go pick that up. Drake’s about to come out. So many other artists have been doin’ their thing. 2011 has been real good, I feel.


Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates coming up that you want people to know about?


Yeah, eventually I’ll be performing, you’re gonna see me out there. Just gotta keep up with me on the internet, just look out for me. You’ll see me comin’ to a town near you. Or country, we about to get global with it.


What’s your website information so people can check out your music and see what you got goin’ on?


They can check me out on,, and I got a blog site as well


Alright, well those are all the questions I have for you. Any last words or shout outs you wanna give out there to the people?


Thanks a lot for having me man.



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