Jehuniko On Tour: Nicaragua

October 27th, 2011 marked the day of the 1st ever National hip hop festival in Managua, Nicaragua. When I visited Nicaragua in 2010, the locals told me that hip hop was almost non-existent. Upon arrival, my hosts picked me up at the airport, dropped off my bags at the hotel and we went to the TV station to promote the event.

It was there that I met the artists who came in from all over Nicaragua for the event. During the interview, we took live calls, gave free tickets away and then did a photo shoot. After the interview, my homeboys Veck & Able took me around the city to explore. It was then that I fell into a crazy hole on the street and got injured. I had to be helped up and lost my shoe in the process. Thanks to Veck & Able for jumping in the hole to find my shoe and helping me up. All of a sudden it started pouring and the street turned into a river. As we chilled under a store front awning with some of the locals, a random person walked by and stole something from Able’s bag. Because it was raining so hard, we didn’t even notice. A few minutes later, we realized so Able ran down the street to retrieve his stuff and beat this guy down. It was pretty funny.

Shout out to the young savage. The next day was the show.Channel 13 was there and the venue was packed. Writers were painting, everyone was tagging on everything and DJ Willy Ricco was dropping gems. The guy from the TV station told me that hip hop & graffiti were currently a phenomenon in Nicaragua. When I was in Guatemala in 2009 for their international hip hop festival, it was like a scene out of “Beat Street” but in Nicaragua it seemed like Rock music was more popular in 2010. Now a year later, hip hop is cracking, the streets are lit up with even more pieces and MC’s are recording. The breakers represented while writers pieced the walls of the venue. Soon after, the MC battle started amidst a sea of camera phones, a TV crew filming and attendees were hanging on every word from the MC’s. It was like the movie “8 Mile” but in Nicaragua and it was dope. Before the final round, Los Angeles’ Ikuestion, Spoken Mind & Jehuniko performed and got the crowd hyped.

It definitely looked like LA/West Coast hip hop has had a big influence on Nicaragua as most of the Nicaraguan artists looked like they were from LA. After the LA artists performed, the MC battle started up again and with each line, the crowd erupted. T-Dog & Fran were declared the winner and it was well earned. All of the MC’s earned their stripes that day and I look forward to seeing how their scene develops. Nicaragua is the biggest country in Central America so I anticipate good things. After the festival, we spilled onto the street interrupting the flow of traffic while we took photos & signed autographs. This part of the world is so beautiful and pure and it is an honor to be a part of their hip hop movement in it’s beginning stages. Shout out to Roke, Veck, Youngsta, Chuck, Able, Sur, DJ Willy Ricco, Mappo, Channel 13 and everyone who helped me on this journey.

– @Jehuniko1


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