Jimi Nu Interview


I2G chilled with Jimi Nu for an exclusive interview. We discuss his new single, On That, upcoming projects and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with Jimi Nu, how’s it going man?

Coolin man, just at the house working on music. What’s good with it?

Doing good. Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences out there coming up.

2pac, Eminem, and Kanye West those are my influences.

You just recently dropped your behind the scenes video for your video for On That. Tell me a little bit about the song and how it came together for you.

On That is basically slang that we use. If you are on your grind, relationship, love, whatever you are on, you are on that.

Do you have a release date set for the video?

Not yet, it is being edited as we speak.

What is up next for you project wise that is getting ready to drop?

I have about 2 albums of material on deck. The top of the year, people need to be ready for new music from me and my camp. I might do a couple jack beats and do video to them just to keep my fanbase on their toes.

What are your thoughts on hip hop this year and what were some of your favorite albums that dropped this year?

I love that Clique record, Big Sean, Jay-Z and Kanye. I like that My Life record with 50 Cent and Eminem. Rick Ross’ album I liked that album.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Nothing at the moment but that is subject to change. But I do know in January I will be all over the place.

What’s your website information?

www.jiminu.net. www.twitter.com/the_real_jiminu. www.instagram.com/the_real_jiminu. www.facebook.com/therealjiminu. Make sure you go to Itunes and get that new single, On That. If you go on my website you can get my new single, No Games featuring Eminem. We going hard body and I’m touching hands with the people.

Alright well that is all the questions that I have for you, appreciate you getting down for the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

I just want to tell everyone that if you have a dream, chase it and do it. My fans I appreciate you and to the ones that are not, you will become one.

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